You Need To Be Able To TRUST Your Roofing Materials, Here’s Why

January 17, 2024

Why Do We Insist Upon Installing Only Quality
Roofing Products? It’s All About TRUST. 

Because Choosing The Right Roofing Material
Is CRITICAL For You And Your Home 

We’ve been in the roofing business for more than twenty years here in the beautiful, rugged Boulder County & Denver Metro area. In that time, as you can imagine, we’ve learned an incredible amount (if you get us going, beware, we might talk your ears off!).

First-hand we’ve seen which products are just talking the talk and which truly hold up over decades of our harsh winters, storm seasons, and summer months. Hence, why we’re VERY selective about what we’ll install on your Boulder County home.

If we don’t have faith in the manufacturer or the material itself, we can’t justify installing it.

No way! It wouldn’t be fair to YOU or our teams. Instead, we focus on TRUST.

  • We trust and partner with very specific, well-demonstrated, established U.S. roofing manufacturers. They make roofing systems and materials for our region.
  • That way our teams know they’re doing what’s best for the families and business owners we work with.
  • And our customers know their new roofs are the best fit, installed with precision, and built to last and perform for decades.

That said, let’s dig a bit deeper into why we’re so serious about our roofing product selection and why we give you PLENTY of options.

Great Roofing Products Last Longer &
Come With Better Warranties

Sure, we all buy things for the short term, and that’s okay. However, roofing typically isn’t one of them. The vast majority of homeowners only invest in a replacement roofing system once and on a home they intend on living in long-term.

In other words, for most folks, the first time is (or should be) the last time in that home. So, the new roof needs to stand up to the elements and perform year after year.

But, regardless of whether you’re a homeowner, real estate investor, or business owner, quality is the most important factor we consider when deciding what premium roofing materials to offer.

  • Will they LAST in the harsh conditions they’ll encounter in Boulder County?
  • Well, if one of our in-house Roof Worx teams installed it, the answer is YES.

That said, even with great materials, harsh weather, and other unexpected issues can arise, which is why we also install products with EXCELLENT homeowner-friendly warranties. For instance, we’re able to offer GAF’s Golden Pledge Warranty, which covers product defects for 50 years and workmanship for 25.

Between the quality of the roof and the lifespan of the warranties, you simply won’t need to worry about needing to invest in another roof anytime soon.

VALUE Matters More Than Cheaper Prices

Another point we like to emphasize is that when choosing the right roof, VALUE is what matters. The goal is to get the most value for the best possible price. This is why we specialize in a variety of materials and have different product lines to choose from.

Are time-tested, high-quality, demonstrated roofing systems you can trust ‘cheap’?

No, but when the functional value is factored in (including ROI in terms of increased home value), these roofing products blow cheap discounted bang-up-job materials out of the water. And let’s not forget your roof plays a serious role in protecting one of your most important assets:


A shoddy roof can leak and lead to costly water damage, and a bad installation can render your warranty void. ‘Cheap’ is often a nightmare! That’s why ensure our installers are super well-trained and held to a high standard of by-the-book workmanship.

You get a better warranty, a MUCH better roof, make a better financial decision, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes along with it.

We Have A WIDE Selection Of Products
(Even Though We’re Picky)

Despite the fact we’re picky about the roofing products we’ll work with, we actually have quite an extensive selection of brands and materials to choose from.

Our goal is to offer better, versatile roofing product lines that meet the needs of every Boulder County homeowner we serve. There simply isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. What’s right for you up in the mountains isn’t going to be right for someone in the Denver suburbs. When you factor in individual taste, it only makes sense to offer a WIDE selection of high-quality products.

So, we do. From energy efficiency to warranties and durability, we consider every angle before offering a new roofing product to our customers.

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