Tips For Maintaining Metal Roofs In Boulder, CO

November 25, 2023

Tips On How To Maintain A Metal Roof
For Your Home In Boulder, CO

Make Your Metal Roof Last Longer
With Maintenance For Your Home

A metal roof in Boulder, CO is a significant investment for any homeowner. From the style to the durability, many homeowners love the aesthetic and protection a metal roof provides. While these types of roofs are known for how little maintenance they require, there’s still a lot homeowners can do to help preserve them.

From maintaining its appearance to functionality, the following are several tips you can follow to maintain your metal roof.

Regular Inspections Of Your Metal Roof

Of course, one of the best methods of maintaining your metal roof is through regular inspections. It’s suggested that you do a visual inspection twice a year. Consider doing these inspections in the spring and fall and look for any signs of damage or wear and tear.

Some of the things to look out for include loose or missing fasteners, corroded and damaged panels, or any areas with peeling. Another key aspect of your roof you should inspect is the flashing, particularly around chimneys, vents, and the edge of your roof. These can show signs of deterioration, and maintenance will prevent them from damaging your metal roof over time.

If you spot any issues, make sure to address them promptly to stop the damage from worsening. The faster you address problems with your metal roof, the more likely it’ll last without the need for costly repairs.

Routine Cleaning For Your Metal Roof

While you don’t have to clean your metal roof as often as roofs with other material types, you should still regularly clean it. A major thing most homeowners should do is regularly remove debris, leaves, and branches from their roofs. These things can trap moisture and cause corrosion.

This is particularly important in the winter months. While metal roofs are great when it comes to snow accumulation, heavy snowfall can still impact your roof. If there is a significant amount of accumulated snow, it may be wise to clear it away. Clearing it away can prevent ice dams from forming and prevent water damage and infiltration.

Other things you should remove occasionally are things like algae, moss, or lichen growth. You can use a low-pressure wash to remove these things. Keep in mind that whenever you’re cleaning, avoid using abrasive materials or strong chemicals, as they can scratch or even corrode the surface of your metal roof.

Monitor The Coating Of Your Metal Roof

If your metal roof has a protective coating, you should inspect it routinely. Some coatings require reapplication every 10 or 15 years, depending on the type and the climate in Boulder, CO. Make sure to talk to your installers to find out when you should reapply your coating to your metal roof.

Not only does proper coating maintenance extend the life of your metal roof, but it also enhances how resistant your roof is to the elements. A well-maintained roof can last a lifetime, and proper coating helps ensure it maintains its condition and appearance for several decades to come.

Prevent Rust On Your Metal Roof

Of all the potential types of damage that can be done to your metal roof, rust is one of the most significant. During inspections, you should look for any signs of rust. Highlight areas with scratches, dents, or exposed metal specifically. You can remove rust by gently scrubbing the area with a wire brush and then applying primer to prevent rust from continuing to form.

If you do notice extensive rust on your metal roof, consider consulting a professional for help with repairs or replacement panels.

Get Professional Metal Roof Maintenance

It can be difficult to look for and identify all potential problems with a roof, which is why many people suggest hiring a professional roofing contractor for routine maintenance. A professional can find difficult or hidden issues in your roof before they become a problem and do extensive damage.

By hiring a professional for maintenance regularly, you ensure your roof’s longevity and reduce the chances of you paying for costly repairs.

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