Roof Problems? Commercial Roof Repairs In Aurora, CO Can Help

January 9, 2024
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Commercial Roof Repair Vs. Roof
Replacement In Aurora, CO

How To Tell If Your Commercial
Roof Needs To Be Repaired
Or Replaced

If your commercial roof is leaking or showing other signs of damage, it’s important to arrange for commercial roof repairs in Aurora, CO. While repairs are a good option for most types of damage, if the damage is too severe or widespread, repairs might not be the right solution.

A full roof replacement can provide a new, strong, durable roof. Determining which option is best for you can be tricky on your own.

It’s best to let a professional inspect your roof and make a decision for you. Here are some things to consider when deciding which option is right for your roof.

Consider The Roof’s Age Before Planning Repairs

While you might be tempted to try to repair your roof regardless of the problem, it’s important to consider the age of your roof.

Repairs only work if most of your roof is strong and in good condition. Commercial roof repairs may be ineffective if your roof is old and has surpassed its lifespan. If so, you will need a full commercial roof replacement..

Have A Professional Commercial Roof Repair Inspection

The best way to determine if repairs or a replacement are the best option for your commercial roof is to have your roof professionally inspected. An inspector can find damage an untrained eye can’t recognize.

An inspector can also see if any areas of your roof may be at risk for damage. They will provide you with their professional recommendation for repairs or a full replacement.

Be Aware Of Leaks That May Require Commercial Repairs

If you notice your commercial roof is leaking, the severity of the leak can determine if a replacement is necessary or if repairs will be enough.

A simple leak can usually be dealt with by completing commercial roof repairs. If the leak is severe or there are many areas affected, a commercial roof replacement might be the only way to protect your commercial property. A professional can determine which option is the right one for your roof.

Check For Pooling Water That Commercial
Roof Repairs Can’t Always Fix

Pooling is a serious problem for many commercial roofs, especially flat ones. This means the roof has indents or lower areas where the water can easily gather. This is often a sign of damage below the surface.

Repairs may be possible if the water is only pooling in one small spot. If there is a large area where the water is pooling or many smaller areas, then it may be better to arrange a full commercial roof replacement.

Consider Deeper Issues That May Be
Beyond The Help Of Roof Repairs

You may not be able to see some of the issues that are wrong with your commercial roof. You might see apparent signs of damage on the roof’s surface, but there could be issues underneath the surface that aren’t noticeable.

Repairs may seem like the best option, but a professional inspection could reveal more serious risks and problems that require the roof to be replaced so it can protect your home for decades.

Be Aware Of Extensive Damage That Might Be Too
Much For Commercial Roof Repairs To Cover

If your commercial roof was seriously damaged by a storm or another accident, the damage may be extensive or cover a large area. A replacement may be necessary if the area is so large that repairs won’t cover it.

There are many cases where the cost to repair an entire roof may be more than that of a commercial roof replacement. Repairs may also not be possible. If the roof structure is weak and the membrane is damaged, a replacement could be the only option.

Roof Worx Can Help With Your Commercial Roof
Repairs Or Replacement In Aurora, CO

If you have noticed problems with your commercial roof and are wondering if you need repairs or a full roof replacement, Roof Worx can help.

We provide various roofing services in Arapahoe, Douglas, and Adams Counties, and we are happy to inspect your roof and provide you with a detailed estimate that explains the necessary roof repairs. If we don’t feel that repairs are the best option, we will recommend a replacement.

Contact us today to get started on your commercial roof repairs and to learn more about our commercial roofing services.

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