Replacing Your Organic Shingle Roof

June 15, 2019

Is Your Denver Roof Made Of Organic Shingles?
It May Be Time For A Roof Replacement.

Organic Shingles get their name from the cellulose mat used to hold the shingle together. This mat was made from wood chips, rags, paper, and recycled cardboard and is thicker than the fiberglass mat that is used in today’s shingles. Even though organic shingles were last manufactured around 2006, Denver roofing companies still see these shingles on homes.

As organic shingles age, the volatiles that are added to the asphalt to make the shingle flexible and waterproof dissipate from evaporation over time. This causes the shingle to loose its flexibility and causes the cellulose mat to become dryer and more absorbent.

Repeated cycling of absorbing moister and drying of the cellulose mat cause these organic shingles to expand and distort. This distortion along with the reduced shingle flexibility make repairs to sections of the roof impossible. The shingles break as you try to lift them to put another shingle underneath. Typically, when an organic shingle roof has wind damage or hail damage, we end up replacing the entire Denver roof.

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