Leaks In Commerce City Metal Roofing

July 5, 2024

What Would Cause Leaks In Your
Commerce City Metal Roofing?

6 Common Reasons Your
Metal Roofing Is Leaking

Leaks in your Commerce City metal roofing are definitely cause for concern. When water penetrates your roof to get inside your home, you could face a lot of expensive damage.

That is why, at the first sign that your metal roofing is leaking, you need to contact the roofing professionals in the Adams County area who are familiar with metal roofing. You are in luck, as Roof Worx is a leading installer of most every type of roof you could think of, and we can bring our expertise to your metal roof.

Metal roofing is a solid choice for any home or business in the area. However, that doesn’t mean it is 100% leakproof, as no roof is impenetrable against leaks in some situations.

To help you better understand the issue, we have compiled the most common reasons a metal roof may start to leak.

1. Metal Roof Panels Are Incorrectly Screwed In

If your roof is metal panels, it requires that screws be placed into the roof to hold it to your home. There are cases in which metal screws have been screwed in incorrectly.

Screws that are going into the metal at an angle could allow water to slowly seep in around it. Likewise, screws that are not screwed into the metal far enough can allow water to penetrate.

And yes, if the screw is too tight into the metal, it can cause water to leak in. The screws placed into your metal roof need to be done right: straight, not too tight, but too loose, either.

In situations in which the screws are to blame for the leaks in your metal roofing, you often don’t realize you have a leak until you start to see water damage inside your home. These screws are not allowing tons of water to leak in at a time, so the leak is slow, and sometimes, slow leaks cause more interior damage because they’re so easy to overlook.

2. Storm Damage To Metal Roofing

No roof is protected completely from storm damage. Yes, metal roofing can often handle a lot of storms before they become damaged.

However, depending on the size of the hail that falls from the sky, hail can damage any metal roof, even one that is practically brand new.

When storm damage is the issue, your metal roof can often be repaired, or your insurance will cover the replacement, depending on your policy.

3. Worn Sealants On Your Metal Roofing

Almost every type of metal roofing will have some overlap when it is being laid. The key is that the overlapping sections must have a sealant between the two pieces to ensure no water penetrates beneath the metal.

If your metal roof has been on your home for an extended period, the leaks you are seeing could be due to your sealant being worn and flaking away. In these cases, a professional can often reseal the metal panels and restore your roof to fighting shape.

4. Damaged Metal Roofing Flashing

Flashing is a common leak-prone area on any roof, including metal roofs. It is present around areas where your roof may meet, around your chimney, and in other comparable locations.

Storms can easily damage flashing and slightly pull it away from the roof. This results in water getting behind the flashing and often running into your home, damaging the wood of your roof in the process.

5. Improperly Installed Metal Roofing

Metal roofing requires precise installation to ensure a perfect fit. From forgetting to seal the overlaps, not putting screws in where they should be, or even not aligning panels right, improper installation can be a huge reason why a roof leaks.

Sadly, when a metal roof is improperly installed, it often means starting back at square one to stop the leaks in your home. That is why you always want to work with a professional roofer who is well-versed in metal roofing.

6. Gutter Issues On Your Commerce City Home

When your Commerce City home’s gutters are not working correctly, you could have leaks inside your home. In these cases, the water from the gutters is backing up and then running underneath the metal roofing.

The problem is not with the metal roofing but more with the gutters. However, if your gutters continue to leak under your roof, you could face severe issues with your metal roofing, resulting in replacing it sooner than you anticipated.

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