Fixing Misconceptions About Metal Roofs In Boulder, CO

December 7, 2023

Common Misconceptions In Boulder, CO
About Metal Roof Replacements

Learn The Truth About Metal Roofs
And Their Impact On Homes

Metal roofs in Boulder, CO are often plagued with several misconceptions by homeowners who feel that they aren’t as safe, durable, or visually appealing as other roof types for homes in Boulder, CO. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth. In addition to providing some of the best protection for homes, metal roofs come in all types of styles and colors, types, and materials.

We’ll clear up the common misconceptions around metal roofs and give you insight into why these are some of the best roof types to get for any homeowner.

Metal Roofing Is Limited In Style And Appearance

When people think of metal roofs, they often think of them as limited to a metallic design with no variation of style or color. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Metal roofs, just like other roofs made with different materials, come in all styles and colors.

It’s possible to get a metal roof with a similar look to tiles or shingles if you want something with a more traditional look. Other metal roof types vary wildly, and you can even get special finishes to get the color you want. Whatever the case may be, there are a few limitations when it comes to the look and style of a metal roof.

Metal Roofs Are Bad During Bad Weather

There are several assumptions that metal roofs can be damaging to the integrity of your home during bad weather, such as snow, storms, or hail. These are far from the truth. Metal roofing is some of the most durable protection you can provide to your home.

Metal Roofs Are Noisy When It Rains

Some older metal roofs can indeed be noisy when it rains, but this is only because they lack proper insulation. Today, modern metal roofs come with sound-dampening materials or an underlayment. This keeps them from being particularly noisy during rain or other storms.

Metal Roofing Dents From Hail

There are cases when your roof may be hit with heavy hail or falling debris. Some people believe that this will cause the metal roof to dent or sustain damage. Metal roofs are specifically designed to resist this type of damage. They are rated for impact resistance and are capable of withstanding the most common types of falling debris without taking any damage or denting. The heavier the gauge of metal installed, the less likely you are to sustain denting damage.

Metal Roofs Are Expensive To Repair

Metal roofs are not more expensive to repair than other roof types. In actuality, it is the opposite. Metal roof repairs are often straightforward. This makes repairing metal roofs more affordable than other roof types. While metal roofs don’t require as much maintenance as other roofs, regular maintenance can prevent the need to perform extensive repairs.

Metal Roofs Are Expensive

In some cases, the initial costs of a metal roof are higher than other roofing types. However, there are ongoing savings you receive with metal roofs that make up for this initial higher cost. Metal roofs have a long lifespan, some lasting over 100 years. They also require less maintenance than other roof types. Finally, metal roofs are energy efficient, which can lead to savings down the line for utility bills.

Metal Roofs Aren’t Insulated

People are often afraid that metal roofs will make their homes colder in the winter and warmer in the summer. This is due to the belief that metal roofs are poor insulators and attract heat. However, that is far from the case. Metal roofs are highly reflective, which prevents heat gain in the warmer summer months. With proper insulation, these roofs reduce how much heat is lost in your home in the winter.

Metal Roofs Leak Easily

Leaking can cause lasting damage to your home and its foundation. It’s a significant concern to any homeowner. Metal roofs aren’t more likely to leak than any other roof type. What’s important is the proper installation. When a metal roof is installed by professionals using the right underlayment and flashing, then they are highly reliable for preventing water infiltration.

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