Our Smooth Process

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Learn More About Our Smooth, Customer-First
Process For Denver Metro Exterior Remodeling

Easier, Friendlier, Accommodating & Collaborative

When you work with an exterior remodeler of the caliber of Roof Worx, honestly, long-lasting quality results are guaranteed. We’ve been around for decades, and we know the Colorado Front Range region (from Cheyenne south to Denver Metro) like the cracks in our calloused hands.

A big differentiator is our process! We do it RIGHT. We treat you RIGHT. We get the budget RIGHT. From the first time you contact us, through to the first time you call for maintenance years down the road, when you choose us, you become a part of our customer family.

What else puts us in our own category? What else defines the Roof Worx experience? Let’s dive right in. Below are five ways we set ourselves apart, project by project, year by year.

We Use Industry-Best Products & Materials For… Everything!

While every contractor under the Colorado sun will tell you they use ONLY the best product lines, industry tools, helpful technology, and underlying materials… we’ve proven it. Better, Versatile Products is one of our calling cards, and we don’t plan on settling for less.

We Practice Strict, Proven, By-The-Book Workmanship

So, what ‘book’ are we referring to when we tell you we practice By-The-Book Workmanship? Actually, there’s a small library of them – manufacturer guidelines, industry books, customer service-orientated training, etc. It helps us maintain our high standards over time.

We Abide By Old-Fashioned, Gray-Hair Professionalism

Both our founding and management staff are composed of older, more experienced, gray-haired tradesmen. Do we have younger, innovative, and hungry professionals? Sure! But the nuts and bolts of our company are held in place through our brand of Gray-Hair Professionalism.

We Run Our Projects According To A Set Of Core Values

From our perspective, when you go into business, you can either put your focus on profits or principles. One of the two will be your primary driving force. For Roof Worx, we steer our ship using our core values – Integrity, Trust, Accountability, Reliability, and Teamwork!

We Take Our Local Front Range-Area Reputation Seriously

One of the reasons we have over 400 flattering 5-star reviews from residential and commercial customers across the Colorado Front Range area, is because we truly CARE about our Local Reputation. We knew from Day 1, back in 1999, we were starting a long-term family business!

Sound Like Your Kind Of Exterior Remodeler?

If you’re a home or business owner in the Colorado Front Range or Denver Metro area, reach out and contact Roof Worx. We’re happy to talk shop! We’ll quickly and succinctly answer your questions, address any concerns you might have, and give you the time you need. See what it’s like to work with a long-standing, core-value-driven, family company.

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