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Property Condition Assessments For
Colorado Front Range Multifamily Buildings

Great For Both Owners & Project Managers.

A Property Condition Assessment (PCA) is a professional inspection of your property. It identifies what shape the roof is in and what kind of work, if any, should be done.

They’re invaluable for commercial property owners in the Colorado Front Range area (especially after storms pass through). We have specialists who can quickly ascertain the situation, make spot-on repairs when possible, or take you through a detailed process depending on your needs.

PCAs typically take three days to submit from when we get specialists to perform an assessment. Of course, it depends on the size of your multifamily property and the scope of needed work. When internally reviewed on your end by boards, it can take longer. But we don’t move until all the proper permissions are in order.

They’re also great for preventative work and helping with insurance companies. We’re used to dealing with claims and going to bat for our customers. Nothing helps more than when you can show an insurance company pre- and post-damage pictures of your roofing system!

Our Tiers Of Service Response
For Multifamily Buildings

Even if the roof looks good and no work needs to be done, your PCA will let you know how it’s holding up. On the other hand, if there’s trouble, our PCA is different for each tier of service response – Repair, Maintenance, and Replacement.

Let’s imagine a storm has passed through the greater Denver area. You’ve called us to have one of our specialists inspect for damage, and they outlined repairs that need to get done before there’s further degradation of the roof.

Time & Materials (T&M) With A Not-To-Exceed Dollar Amount

Once we’ve established what needs to be done and agreed on a NTE dollar amount, we’ll send an experienced in-house crew out in a well-stocked company van.

  • If the Repair Crew determines they can complete repairs for less than the NTE, they’ll go ahead and get them done for you right then and there.
  • If they believe the repair WILL exceed the NTE, they’ll contact your Project Manager with details, who will then reach out to seek approval.

If the Project Manager can’t secure approval within roughly 15-20 minutes, our Repair Crew will submit an estimate to your Property Manager and head out to their next job.

Now let’s talk about the different kinds of estimates you can get.

An Estimate With Pictures

With this kind of PCA, we send a dedicated Project Manager out to your property to investigate the situation. Their job is to determine the best, most cost-effective, and long-lasting solution and submit an estimate with some supportive photos you can inspect.

A Photobook Estimate

Here, we also send a dedicated Project Manager to investigate your building and see what’s happening. Then, rather than handing you a few photos, they’ll submit their estimate with a “photo only” report with images corresponding to each line item. What’s nice is the estimate serves as a visual scope of work for your project and “before” photos to compare workmanship once we’ve finished.

Commercial PCA With Estimate Or Budgeting Numbers

Our customers often request these kinds of PCAs during Due Diligence and Acquisitions.

In this situation, your Project Manager agrees to the scope of the inspection with your Property Manager first, then comes and checks out the building’s exterior. They’ll document their findings in a line-item report and provide professional recommendations with an estimate for immediate and/or future work.

Drone Inspections

You get high-def (4K-resolution) imagery and video documenting the current condition of your commercial building’s exterior. This way, when the next severe weather event hits, you’ve got rock-solid before & after visuals.

Storm Event Monitoring

Here, your commercial property is entered into a 24/7/365 storm event monitoring system, which instantly notifies you when a severe weather event occurs. Then, we take to the skies with our drone for immediate follow-up visuals.

Example Of A Photobook Roof Analysis
For Local Colorado Front Range Apartments

Let’s look at an example of what you could expect if you owned an apartment building and contacted us to give you a PCA. As you can see in the Table Of Contents, this report includes:

  • Inspection Request & Findings
  • Recommendations & Pricing Information
  • Information On How To Prepare For A Reroof
  • A Site Map
  • And Overview Photos

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