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We Can Help With Your Insurance Claim

After Colorado Front Range Storms Pass Through

After a severe weather event passes through the Colorado Front Range region, such as a hail storm, wind storm, or even a tornado, navigating insurance claims is challenging for most homeowners. Thankfully, our competent and highly-experienced administrative staff can help and guide you through the sometimes confusing and adversarial process.

Our certified inspectors will meet with your insurance company’s field adjuster to fully inspect your roof and property to agree on the scope of the damage. Roof Worx will then bend over backward to assist you in getting a reasonable settlement with your insurance company, so you enjoy the best possible outcome.

  • We utilize modern technology, including satellite imagery, verifiable hail data, and insurance industry estimating software.
  • Together with our considerable experience, we provide reliable, well-documented data for a smooth claims process.

The Claims Process 101

Navigating claims is a step-by-step process. Our professional staff will help you assess potential damage to your Colorado Front Range property and offer insight into whether or not to file. Unlike other contractors, we only recommend a claim be filed if there’s legitimate storm damage. We don’t want you to present an unnecessary claim that may risk your policy.

If we find signs that wind or hail has damaged your property, we’ll take immediate steps to protect it from further damage. Roof Worx will respond immediately for emergency/temporary repairs, covering broken windows and putting a tarp on your roof if it’s severely damaged to prevent interior water damage.

Please call us BEFORE you call your insurance company. We’ll look at and consider everything! For example, we’ll inspect patio covers, screens, shingles, or soft aluminum roof vents for dents or storm damage. No detail will be missed, and you’ll have proof to back them.

Filing Your Insurance Claim

Our specialists can easily identify storm damage and assist with storm dates, calling in claims to the insurance company and getting the process off to a great start. Roof Worx is well-versed in this process and working with service reps from various insurance companies.

  • It’s best to call in your claim to the toll-free number with 24-hour service rather than attempting to contact your agent directly.
  • We’ll help you gather all the required information before contacting your insurance company.

After surveying your property we can also point out other damaged areas you may want to advise your insurance company about, such as damage to siding, outbuildings, windows, and screens. After the insurance company has been notified, it’ll be assigned to an outside property field adjuster.

In most cases, you’ll be contacted by the adjuster to schedule an inspection time. Ensure your Roof Worx rep is there when the insurance adjuster shows up! Each time someone walks on your roof, more damage can occur.

Roof Worx Claims Assistance & Reconciliation

Roof Worx Roof Worx Claims Assistance & Reconciliation

Once the insurance company makes the initial estimate and ACV payment, our associate will meet with you (or the business owner in commercial situations), finalize any contract details, and secure a copy of the insurance paperwork.

  • Our team reviews your insurance paperwork and settlement documents to validate the insurance company has addressed all components to complete required repairs.
  • This includes verification of materials, quantities, and code-required items. Any discrepancies are noted and submitted to the insurance company through an estimate that details necessary supplements we’d like them to consider.
  • Our team is well-versed in assisting your insurance company and has developed a working relationship with many adjusters. We can provide the insurance company with any required documentation to support the need for supplements such as code requirement docs, photographs, etc.

Typically, your project will already be scheduled for installation, but we’ll work with the insurance company to ensure they’re extending complete coverage. We utilize standard tech, and because of our considerable knowledge of the insurance industry, you’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing we’re advocating for you each step of the way.

The Roof Worx team maintains contact with our Production Department during your installation to stay abreast of any issues. This communication assures that if a situation arises, we can keep your insurance company appraised of potential supplemental items that may be incurred. Doing this minimizes any potential out-of-pocket exposure for you!

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