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At Roof Worx, we pride ourselves on detailed by-the-book commercial roofing installations, but our relationship doesn’t end at the final job-well-done handshake. From Cheyenne down south to Colorado Springs, we also handle proactive maintenance plans for business owners across the Colorado Front Range. This helps our customers stay on top of repairs to avoid costly issues down the road, protect their warranty, and extend the service life of their roofs.

How do we differentiate maintenance from commercial roof repairs? Simple: maintenance is upkeep, while repairs address damage. Maintenance includes specialty work like providing regular inspections (especially after storms), fixing occasional leaks, getting rid of excessive debris buildup, unclogging gutters and drains, checking your equipment, and more. Should repairs be in order, we’ve got decades of experience to handle all your commercial roofing needs.

The Benefits Of Regular, Proactive, And Specialized
Commercial Roof Maintenance Services

Extend The Service
Life Of Your Roof

Like any object out in the elements, your building accumulates wear and tear. If you don’t keep it well-maintained (like it was a souped-up classic car), severe and much more expensive issues will eventually begin to take hold. Once the damage compromises the roof’s integrity, you’ll need to invest in a full replacement. No matter how old your roof currently is, to a point, a professional commercial roof maintenance plan should prolong its service lifespan.

Save More Money &
Resources Over TimeGutter

It may seem like routine inspections are pointless or a waste of time. No problem, we understand entirely. So, when that happens, we’re happy to sit down with our customers and work out the numbers of a full replacement or extensive repairs over the next decade. The bottom line is that commercial roof maintenance makes financial sense. A simple analogy would be a nice car that gets regular tune-ups and oil changes vs. one that isn’t given any TLC.

Identify & Prevent
Commercial Roof Issues

Water is the giver of life and energy and the perfect destroyer of commercial and residential structures. All it needs to do is find an opening to take hold, and the damage will spread and create major problems. Our job is to address those leaks, cracks, and sagging or weak spots (especially before winter sets in) to prevent expensive disasters. Let our specialists keep an eye on the many details of your commercial roof a couple of times a year and breathe easier.

Maintain A Safer,
More Productive Workplace

Loss of structural integrity, rotting, water stains on the ceiling, and mold are some issues that pop up when a commercial roof isn’t properly maintained. Ensure the roof works properly for your business to thrive and provide employees with the safest workspace possible. We’ve makes it easy, as non-intrusive as can be, and accommodating. For proof, explore our hundreds upon hundreds of stellar 5-star reviews from across the Colorado Front Range.

Why Us? Why Trust Roof Worx With Your
Commercial Roofing Project?

Our Personal Time Tested Customer Approved Process

A Smooth, Accommodating Process

Besides pure and simple procrastination, a lack of someone to trust keeps many business owners from properly maintaining their roofs. They expect to be treated like they brought their car into a shady repair shop, claiming you need to replace the transmission when all that’s required is a quick tune-up. They’re also worried about what they might find up there!

With thousands of successful projects under our belts and decades of faithful service to Colorado Front Range businesses, Roof Worx earned our spot among the most trusted contractors in Colorado (and we’re Master Elite certified as well). Our process is honest, direct, professional, friendly, informative, and accommodating. We’ll give it to you straight and help you get the most out of your commercial roofing system without any cliche nonsense.

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Our Dedication To Top-Of-The-Line Products

We specialize in premium roofing systems: shingle (including composite), metal, tile, shake, slate, flat/low, stone-coated, and roof coatings (silicon, acrylic, asphalt emulsions). And any work with our name on it is done RIGHT with the RIGHT tools and materials. We can’t stand quick-and-dirty maintenance work or up-charging for temporary low-quality solutions. Our standards are high, thanks to the lessons we’ve learned after decades in this business!

From our Master Elite distinction to our experience in commercial/residential construction and the Fortune 500 world, we demonstrate our commitment to quality daily. It’s non-negotiable. If customers ask us to do something we know isn’t going to perform or stand up to the rigors of time in this region, we politely decline and offer a better solution. It’s imperative for our brand.

Within Budget And Guaranteed Results… That Last

Our Detailed, By-The-Book Workmanship

Another upside to decades of seeing thousands of successful roofing projects through is that we’re well-versed in everything that can go wrong if you stray from by-the-book installations. They need to be done correctly with proper quality control and oversight. This is why we run our projects the way we do and only work with professionals who take pride in their work.

It’s not only the parts of your roof that you can see that are important, but all the many critical details you can’t down below the surface. Far too many roofers in the Colorado Front Range are a) focused on volume and b) not in business for long because of it. Roof Worx is different. We’re quick but careful. We plan. We prepare. And we keep our workmanship standards high.

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Our Long-Standing Gray-Hair Professionalism

When we meet commercial and residential customers who’ve been burned before, one of the assurances we offer is that our company has plenty of gray hair. By that, we mean we’re not a young operation. We’ve been around and know EXACTLY how folks expect to be treated. And how they expect their homes and businesses likewise. While some of our approach and customer service philosophy could be considered ‘old school,’ it works!

And what is one of the essential old-school approaches we have? To stand by your principles and run a company that stays true to its core values. For Roof Worx, those values are integrity, trust (being trustworthy), professional accountability, reliability, and smooth rock-solid team work. You’ll recognize this the first time you meet and interact with our expert staff.

See What Our Customers Are Saying

“Roof Worx is great. They’re responsive, easy to talk to, and their prices were very competitive. A quality company with great prices, they beat the competition in all respects. We’ve already hired them for another project. Call them today if you want your roof replaced with ease and confidence.”

Robert M.

“We’re pleased with the work done by Roof Worx. The project manager did a great job of answering all our questions, keeping us informed on the process, and ensuring the project was completed as agreed in a professional and timely manner. He was a responsive straight shooter and so easy to work with. Thank you!”

Karen S.

“We’re 100% pleased with Roof Worx, especially their Leads. We had 4 roofs done this summer – 3 houses and one large garage. They were attentive to details and had experienced crews for different aspects of the roofing. They were on schedule and held to budget. Their gutter crew suggested improvements to our gutter locations, and the final results were perfect. The obvious mess of tearing off roofing was cleaned up and removed from each work site. They’ve been back for follow-ups and to ensure we’re happy with all 4 roofs!”

Mary A.

“Everybody from Roof Worx was phenomenal. Can’t say enough about these guys…they’ll all took pride in what they were doing and went out of their way to make working with them a completely enjoyable and worry-free experience. I hope we get another hail storm so I can watch them perform again (not really).”

Michael H.

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