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Most of our Colorado Front Range customers call us for home roof repair after a storm passes through and punctures their roof with flying debris, when high winds loosen or tear off shingles, or when hail pounds their roof and causes cracking or loosening and bruising to the top layer and underlayment. This means the integrity of the roof has been breached! We can help.

In this case, simply patching the damaged areas isn’t sufficient. You need roof repair to be integrated so your home’s most crucial protective layer is stronger, more dependable, and longer-lasting. Roof Worx stands at the ready if you’re looking for a seasoned (since 1999) residential roofer you can trust. Remember, not all roofing materials are the same or deliver the same life expectancy, and not all damage becomes apparent in the same ways.



Wind-driven rain leaks in the attic are often the result of leaky or inadequate shingle underlayment, deteriorated flashing, or poor venting.



Mold, mildew, or stains on ceilings/walls can be caused by inadequate/faulty shingle underlayment, allowing leaks or leading to improper attic ventilation.



Paint blisters or peeling on interior or exterior walls may be because of excessive temperature taking a toll or high humidity due to poor attic ventilation.



Are you seeing dirty-looking patchy areas? It may be because of general granule loss due to the age of your shingle roofing system, or because they’ve been blown off.



When your siding begins to look like it’s sheathing or starts decaying, one of the most common causes we come across is poor attic ventilation issues.



Ice dams can be pretty serious! They’re often caused by the improper installation of shingle underlayment or generally inadequate attic insulation.

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Our Personal Time Tested Customer Approved Process

Our Personal, Time-Tested, Customer-Approved Process

We move quickly and are happy to bend over backward for our customers. It’s one of our calling cards! First, simply reach out and let us know what’s going on. We’ll get one of our home roof repair specialists out to your property…PRONTO, especially when the leaks and roof damage are substantial, disrupting your life. From there, we’ll help you understand the scope of the issues, the solutions, and how we’ll work with your insurance company if the situation calls for it.

After decades in this industry, we’ve seen it all in the Colorado Front Range area and worked on thousands of roofs. We’ll get you taken care of. No pressure. No fine-print shenanigans. No hidden fees. No sales nonsense. Just old-fashioned friendly service and genuine care for you and your home. Let’s get you comfortable again! From simple repairs to full roof replacements, we’re the choice that guarantees your satisfaction.

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The Long-Lasting Value Of Our Roofing Products

Roof Worx is certified GAF Master Elite, and we work with a wide range of premium products and roofing systems – shingle, metal, tile, shake, stone, and slate, along with protective high-quality roof coatings. This means we don’t do bang-up, quick & dirty roof repair. Instead, we carefully choose premium materials ideally suited for the task, and then we get the job done RIGHT. Afterward, we have quality control processes in place to guarantee long-lasting results.

Our team will NOT rest until we know you’re breathing easily under a water-tight, built-to-last roof you can depend on. Afterward, you can consider Roof Worx your long-haul partner, capable of handling all your roofing needs. We can’t wait to welcome you into our family of customers!

Within Budget And Guaranteed Results… That Last

Within-Budget Results That Are Guaranteed To Last

We’re incredibly proud of the hundreds and hundreds of real 5-star customer reviews we’ve received over the years. Most involve full roof replacement, but a sizable portion relates to our residential roof repair service. Folks appreciate how quickly we act, how transparent and upfront we are, and how dependable our workmanship is. When it’s your home we’re talking about, we know it’s PERSONAL. This is why we don’t cut corners or use low-quality materials.

Another aspect of home roof repair is our integrated real-time cost control systems. We put extreme focus on project management, scheduling, securing products and materials from outstanding manufacturers, and monitoring…everything! You’ll know the down-to-the-penny costs before a single hammer is swung. If we hit a ‘Whoops,’ we let you know up front and manage it. No surprises. No games. It’s a matter of professional pride and integrity.

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Our Experienced Gray-Hair Professionalism

While we opened in 1999, our experience working on homes and businesses stretches further. Our roots involve home construction and the commercial side of things as well, where projects can be incredibly complex with demanding timelines and strict budgets. When you choose Roof Worx, you’re choosing specialists who know how to get results.

We also know how to treat you and your home. Expect fast, friendly service. Expect impeccably clean workmanship and work sites. Expect honest, transparent information with no strings attached. And expect a roof repair crew with proper oversight, training, and quality control measures. All of this bleeds into our core values at the heart of our company and our approach to this industry.

What Our Residential Roofing Customers Are Saying

“Roof Worx was easy to work with and helped me through some problems with my insurance. They got more of my roof covered than what the insurance originally estimated. I got to speak with one of the owners, who explained their quality control process. They have multiple people who inspect the installation thoroughly and someone who inspects the final product when it’s done. I’m very pleased with their work.”

Kyle B.

“What set Roof Worx apart from other roofing companies was the thoroughness. There were many options/companies to go with, but it felt like RoofWorx took the time to ask the important questions & delve into intricacies that I wouldn’t have known. I believe the labor only took one day, & then follow-up touch-ups took only about 20 minutes on a different day. I’m satisfied.”

Damian P

“They came out to look at my roof and gave an honest evaluation. They let us know the roof didn’t need to be replaced at the time. I appreciated not being sold on something that I didn’t need. I will call them when it is time for a replacement.”

Christopher R.

“Roof Worx was fantastic in helping with my roof repair and replacement. They were clear, upfront, honest and stayed in constant communication the entire time. They also set great expectations and worked very hard to make my experience great, helping replace my roof and gutters from the Colorado hail storms. Thank you, Roof Worx!”

Henry H.

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