How To Tell If A Roofer Is TRULY Local

April 23, 2024

What It Means To Be TRULY
Local… And Why It Matters

A Local Roofer Cares About Their
Community – And It SHOWS

Take a quick look at our roofing company, and you’ll see that we have multiple locations in Colorado. So, if you’re searching for a local company, you may (understandably) ask: “Is Roof Worx TRULY local?”

Well, we’re here to assure you that we ARE indeed truly local – and we mean 100%, through and through, down to our very core local.

Truly Local Roofers Should Check Every Box

At Roof Worx, we take our commitment to the local community seriously. We’re actively involved within the communities we serve and will do everything possible to help those we call neighbors.

Unfortunately, far too many companies who aren’t truly local claim that they are. So, how can you tell who is and who isn’t?

Well, you should understand what it means to be truly local and then screen each roofing company based on the criteria.

Although what’s most important to YOU may vary slightly, here is what makes Roof Worx TRULY local:

  • Roof Worx Has A Pristine Local Reputation – Sure, everyone has heard of the big national names… but how is their LOCAL reputation within your community? At Roof Worx, we work hard to maintain the trust of Colorado homeowners.
  • Our Owners Are From Colorado And Live In Colorado – The Roof Worx owners live in Colorado, and they are active within their community. More than that, the two owners are BROTHERS. So, Roof Worx is not just local… it’s family-owned as well.
  • Roof Worx Operates In COLORADO, Not Regionally Or Nationally – We have multiple locations in Colorado, so we can service MORE of our local community. Although we could expand regionally or nationally, we choose not to. We service Colorado and Colorado ONLY.
  • Roof Worx Is Actively Involved In Helping You In Every Way Possible – A truly local roofer cares about you. At Roof Worx, we’ll gladly help you with insurance claims and figure out a way to make your roof affordable if insurance doesn’t cover all of the costs.

You can verify a company’s commitment to its local community by sifting through online reviews, speaking with references, and searching its website. When in doubt, trust your “spidey sense.”

Truly Local Roofers Allow For A Pristine Roofing Experience

Why does being local matter? Well, there are many reasons. For the sake of brevity, we’ll focus on the most important – better prices, a family atmosphere, and employees you can trust.

Better Prices

For starters, a large, national company must focus its marketing efforts NATIONALLY. Needless to say, it costs way more to run national ad campaigns than local ones.

And guess who helps pay for those national ads… YOU. They indirectly add the extra marketing cost to every quote. So, you might pay more as a result.

At Roof Worx, we rely on our local reputation and local marketing efforts. Since we only operate in Colorado, running a national ad would just be silly. As a result, we’re (in almost every case) less expensive than the national brands.

Family Atmosphere

Local companies such as Roof Worx offer a family atmosphere, and you can trust them to pick up your phone call.

With national companies? That’s not always the case.

Sure, your project manager and roof installation crew may be friendly and personable, but a national company has a much harder time providing the personal touch you see from our local roofers.

Employees You Can Trust

Last but not least – Quality. At Roof Worx, we know every employee (or subcontractor) by name. We know their strengths and weaknesses, and you can bet that all of them are screened to ensure they’re upstanding people who perform great work.

With large national companies? Not so much.

The fact is… it’s hard to screen hundreds of employees. In fact, many national roofing companies are hiring DOZENS of new roofers (or, more commonly, subcontractors) every week. As a result, you may get stuck with a rookie whose craftsmanship is questionable.

If you’re searching for a truly local roofer in Colorado, then contact us today for a free and accurate quote.

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