Here at Roof Worx, we pride ourselves in offering the highest quality products and aligning ourselves with the Denver window replacement manufacturers that best suit our clients.

Our partnership with multiple window replacement lines to include but not is limited to Simonton, Jeldwen, Milguard, and Alside products ensures that we have access to the window that best fits your home. We understand the importance of choosing a high quality Denver replacement windows for a reasonable price.

With our partnership with GAF and Wells Fargo financing we believe that we can offer all of our existing and future clients a great opportunity to improve their home at a reasonable rate. Man of our clients have take advantage of our financing programs to add value to their homes.

There are many window options available in our market today and we understand that you want a choice.  When you set an appointment to learn about your options with our representative, you will quickly find that we offer high quality windows for a very competitive price. When considering denver replacement windows there are many features that help increase the efficiency of your home, from the frame to the glass and the spacer in between we offer many options that are guaranteed to fit your budget and your needs.

Denver replacement Windows can offer more than 4 times the heat reflective capabilities of a typical builders grade double pane vinyl window. UV values can be all the way down to .16 with a triple pane window with Krypton Gas.  Energy Star Rated isn’t the whole story on a home improvement and especially vinyl windows. A replacement window is generally manufactured without fins and has a more substantial frame than do builders grade vinyl windows. Replacement windows can have custom exterior colors, styles, interior woodgrains and other options that make average into spectacular.  Replacement Windows can offer grids between the glass or simulated divided lite grids for a classic look and a great window option. Because replacement windows are utilized in existing homes, there is a great deal of skill involved in preserving and protecting the floors, sills, brick and sheetrock in a replacement window project.  Skill and experience have no substitute when it comes to installing replacement windows in a way that will last a lifetime.

In this economy, We offer financing to fit our budget and Denver window replacements to fit your home.  When considering your Denver window replacement purchase, we encourage you to allow us to help you in your decision making process to help inform you on the benefits of window replacement, the many options and how it may dramatically impact your monthly heating and cooling expense.

One of our preferred brands is the Simonton window which is a family run replacement window manufacturing company that has many standard features that other competitors charge extra for. One standard feature is the “Pro-Solar”, which allows our clients to experience a near 99% UV blockage with their new purchase.  No more fading furniture or flooring with this Denver window replacement!  This feature coupled with Simontons’ signature 366 cardinal NEAT glass = the best replacement vinyl window available. With NEAT glass, be prepared to simply spray your home with a garden hose and be finished with your spring window cleaning. NEAT glass is a special coating that allows water dirt and mud to fall off of your Denver replacement windows with ease. This is a fantastic feature that many of our clients thoroughly enjoy.  These Denver replacement windows are virtually maintenance free.  Be sure to ask your representative about this feature so your can take advantage of this feature!

Denver Siding

Roof Worx can effectively tackle any of your Denver siding needs and offers a variety of options, styles and colors in vinyl siding, aluminum siding, and steel siding. When you’re ready to maximize your home or commercial building’s curb appeal and obtain lasting protection, trust the siding experts at Roof Worx.

Roof Worx

As the #1 most used siding, vinyl siding is an extremely popular option due to its versatility, durability and ease of maintenance. Vinyl siding is not only available in the traditional earthy tones and pastel colors, but also comes in an array of bold, rich tones such as hunter and sage greens, barn reds, deep blues and much more.

Vinyl siding is extremely durable and certified to withstand wind speeds of 110 mph or higher as well as resist, heat cold and moisture. Due to the fact that vinyl siding is such a quality product, the typical manufacturer’s warranty lasts a lifetime and can be transferred to the next homeowner.  Being low maintenance, Vinyl siding never needs painted and can easily be cleaned using a soft cloth and garden hose.

There are many profiles offered for Vinyl siding including:

  • Traditional Lap
  • Dutch Lap
  • Shake, Scallops, Shingles, Fishscales
  • Horizontal and vertical panels
  • Beaded designs in various profile widths

Vinyl siding has many features and options, so contact us for a free vinyl siding evaluation.

Steel Siding and Aluminum Siding

Metal siding is made for either steel or aluminum.  Steel siding and aluminum siding have a baked on enamel and vinyl texture that provides a variety of surfaces sure to meet your style, from shake shingles to fine grains of wood plank.  There are also hundreds of colors to choose from for steel siding or aluminum siding. Typical metal siding profiles include:

  • 8” Steel Clapboard
  • Double 4’ Steel
  • D-5 Dutch Lap Steel
  • 12” Vertical Steel

An official list of certified metal siding products is available from the VSI Product Certification Program for both steel siding and aluminum siding.  To view these products please click here.
With proper installation, metal siding can withstand some of the most severe weather elements as well as prevent interior heat loss.  Metal siding is waterproof, inspect proof, it does not sag, crack bend or break and unlike wood and vinyl it won’t burn.
When considering aluminum siding or steel siding, also consider seamless metal siding. Typically metal siding panels come in 12 foot lengths meaning they have to be overlapped or spliced. This makes them more susceptible to coming loose or water leaking behind the panels. Seamless metal siding is cut onsite to perfectly meet the measurement of your property’s exterior eliminating these issues.
When comparing aluminum siding to steel siding, we look at to properties of the material.  Aluminum siding has the benefit of natural corrosion resistance.  Steel siding has the benefit of being harder and stronger than aluminum siding.  Contact RoofWorx for your a free quote on your metal siding, steel siding, or aluminum siding.

Cedar Siding

Cedar siding is popular for its natural and rustic look. Cedar Siding is not as resilient as most sidings in Colorado’s erratic weather, but does work as an excellent insulator. Another key feature of cedar siding is the fact that it is recyclable unlike many other materials. There are a variety of choices when it comes to cedar siding including:

  • Board and Batten
  • Beveled
  • Tongue and Groove
  • Lap
  • Cedar Shake Singles

Cedar siding can provide many custom installation and detail options giving a very unique look to your property.  Cedar siding can require a significant amount of upkeep compared to other siding options. It’s important to treat the cedar siding every 5-10 years with an oil-based water sealant to increase its life expectancy and avoid deterioration and rotting.

Free Inspections & Estimates for Commercial and Residential Roofing in Cheyenne

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