Far More than a Few Shingles

A roof system is a group components that protect your home or building from the elements. A Roof is NOT simply a top layer of shingles, tiles, metal or exterior membrane.

Roof Worx can install a complete integrated roof system that is designed with multiple components based on building sciences engineering. Each part of your roofing system then plays an integral part in waterproofing and protecting your home. The roof system includes venting, insulation, roof decking, drip edge, leak barriers, underlayment, starter strip shingles, shingles, and ridge cap shingles.

Roof Worx

Building Science Engineering recommends a balanced venting system. This means that 50% of your roof attic venting should come from low vents (typically soffit vents) and the balance of the 50% should come from high venting (typically ridge vents). In addition, insulation plays an important part in controlling heat in your attic as well as your home. Without proper venting and insulation, excess heat and moisture can build up inside your attic. In the winter, this can mean condensation can build up on the underside of your sheathing. Without proper venting, the moisture in the attic cannot be removed and can continue to add to condensation issues. In the summer, poor venting will lead to an overheated roof which causes shingles to prematurely age as well as cost you more in cooling bills.

Adding venting and insulation is easiest during a re-roof. For insulation, we typically remove a pice of plywood so that we do not have to access the attic through the house. This minimizes any mess and disruption to the client.

The rest of the roof system is from the roof deck up through the exterior membrane that is exposed to the elements. The following diagram shows many of these components: Click inside the image below for detailed information about each roofing component.

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