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Roof Replacement Required – Roofing Denver Homes

As a Denver roofing company, Roof Worx see’s many different issues with Denver roof.  In the picture in this block, we inspected a roof that had old organic 3-tab shingles than needed replacement.  Call Roof Worx for your free Denver Roofing inspection and quote. In addition to organic shingles, this roof had failing and missing… Read More

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Recently, we inspected the roof that had two pipe boots over one pipe.  This second boot was put over the ope of the existing pipe boot because the rubber on the original pipe boot had deteriorated and cracked causing leaks when it rained. This is one of the Denver Roofing Repair that Roof Worx can… Read More

Blind Hail – Cedar Shake – Denver Roofer

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What is Blind Hail? Blind hail is hail that is so destructive on a roof that you can feel it with you feet. We recently inspected a roof with an insurance adjuster and his comment for the roof was that this was blind hail.  The cedar shake roof was so hail damaged that you could… Read More

Plank Decking – Denver Roofing Company

Re-deck with skip decking – Denver Roofing With an old home roof replacement, there are many things that you must check. Skip decking is usually encountered on older homes that originally had cedar shake roofs. When we encounter skip decking, we re-sheet the roof with new OSB plywood. By putting a new roof deck on,… Read More

Organic 3 Tab Shingle – Denver Roofing

Organic Shingles – Non Repairable Shingles – Denver Roofing Organic Shingles get there name from the cellulose mat used to hold the shingle together. This mat was made from wood chips, rags, paper, and recycled cardboard and is thicker than the fiberglass mat that is used in today’s shingles. Even though organic shingles were last… Read More