Roof Hail Damage – Shake Roof – Denver Roofing

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Cedar Shake Roof - Denver Roofing Denver Roofing companies have seen a lot of hail damage inspections this year. Roof Worx inspected this cedar shake roof that had multiple hail hits per shingle. With hail damage on an cedar shake roof, we typically look for splits in the cedar shingle. While this roof did have

Denver Roofing Repair Company

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Get a FREE Denver Roofing Inspection & Estimate Call Roof Worx today, your Denver roofing repair company, at (303) 353-1825 to schedule a FREE inspection and estimate for your property. Roof Worx is your trusted Denver Roofing Repair Company, providing Denver roofing, gutters, siding, windows, solar systems. Give us a call today and let us show you the Roof Worx –

Organic 3 Tab Shingle – Denver Roofing

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Organic Shingles - Non Repairable Shingles - Denver Roofing Organic Shingles get there name from the cellulose mat used to hold the shingle together. This mat was made from wood chips, rags, paper, and recycled cardboard and is thicker than the fiberglass mat that is used in today's shingles. Even though organic shingles were last

T Lock Shingles – Denver Roofing

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T Lock Shingles - Denver Roofing - Hail Claim Assistance Roof Worx as a Denver Roofer encounter old shingles that are discontinued.  T Lock shingles have been discontinued for years which makes roof repairs nearly impossible.  We recently inspected the t-lock roof in the picture above.  The homeowner definitely got a good value from this

Roof Hail Damage – Denver Roofing

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Denver Roofing - Large Hail in Denver and Fort Collins- Roof Hail Damage   [one_half] Roof Worx has seen a large increase in sever roof hail damage in the past two months.  On Tuesday night, Aurora, Parker, and Fort Collins Colorado, experienced significant hail storms. These hails storms have caused significant roof hail damage that

Denver Hail Damage – Roofing Repair Company

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Roof Worx, your Denver Roofing Repair Company, provides Free Roof Inspections Denver roofing repair companies have seen a sharp increase in roof hail damage inspections because of the recent hail storms that occurred in May and June of this year.  If you think your property could have been damaged, please contact us today for a

Denver Roofing Repair Company – Roof Worx

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Denver Roofing Repair Check out the new style of pipe jack!  I am sure that this style of pipe jack will have problems and cause the roof to leak.  If you have this type of pipe jack, you need to call us imediately. At Roof Worx, we prefer using new pipe jacks with Denver Roofing

Aurora Roof Hail Damage – June 8

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Aurora Hail Damaged Roof - Denver Roofing Roof Worx inspected an Aurora roof and found significant roof hail damage from the recent storm on Sunday June 8, 2014. After the inspection, the home owner showed us the size of the hail.  He kept some of the large hail in his freezer. Get a FREE Hail Damaged Roof

FREE INSPECTION – Hail Claims Assistance

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Hail Claims Assistance - Roof Hail Damage  Colorado residents recently encountered a massive hail damage and as many know the insurance claims process can be rather challenging.  Give Roof Worx a call and avoid the headache! We assist and guide you through the sometimes confusing insurance claim process. We will meet with the insurance company to