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Is your commercial roof in need of repairs? Don’t trust just anyone with your Thornton, CO commercial roof. Count on Roof Worx to make your building watertight and protect your property from water damage.

We offer our services throughout the Adams County area, so no matter where you have a business, we can be there to help keep you roof looking great.

Types Of Commercial Roofing We Handle

When it comes to commercial building roofs, there are a lot of different shapes, sizes, and designs. At Roof Worx, we pride ourselves in being able to replace and repair all types of roofs, including the following:

  • Flat Commercial Roofs
  • Metal Commercial Roofs
  • Shingle Commercial Roofs
  • Membrane Commercial Roofs

Problems That Require Thornton, CO
Commercial Roof Repairs

Commercial roofs are susceptible to many problems. But our dedicated team at Roof Worx is happy to assess your roof to determine these problems and how they should be repaired. We offer drone and in-person assessments to ensure no damage goes unnoticed.

We will even provide you with a detailed estimate explaining what damage was found, what repairs are needed, and how much those repairs are expected to cost.

Our goal is to make sure you are informed throughout each step of the process and know what to expect at all times.

Incorrect Commercial Roof Installation

Anyone can install a commercial roof. But, it takes a team of highly skilled experts to handle such cumbersome material and ensure quality products are installed correctly.

If your roof was installed by a team that was incapable of achieving perfection, your roof will likely fail earlier than expected and you will experience more problems (and expenses!) throughout its lifetime.

Flashing Damage On Your Commercial Roof

Flashing helps keep water and debris from blowing under your roof and penetrating the sensitive underlayment. Flashing is often installed in large sections of commercial roofs, so if it blows off or becomes damaged, it can expose a large portion of your roof and put it at risk for damage.

Pooling Water On Your Commercial Roof

Commercial roofs typically have large surface areas, which means there are more places for water to collect or pool. When water stands in an area of a roof too long, it starts to break down the roofing and can cause leaks through the ceiling or down the walls.

Multiple Leaks Throughout Your Commercial Roof

A large roof means more opportunity for leaks. When a large commercial roof starts to break down or become damaged, there are multiple points where leaks can occur. If these leaks are not repaired, they can eventually lead to severe water damage or a roof collapse.

Tenting Commercial Roof Membranes

If a roof has not been installed properly, it is at risk for tenting. This happens when the wind blows up under the roof membrane, allowing water to drain into the roofing structure underneath.

Heat causes the water to evaporate, but it becomes trapped under the roof and causes it to tent or bubble. Eventually, the tented areas will crack or bust and expose the roof to the elements.

Erosion Of Commercial Roof Surfaces

Wind, UV rays, and rain can all wreak havoc on a roof and wear it away a little at a time. Erosion is expected with any roof, but if the roof starts to erode prematurely, it may not have been installed properly, or this could be an indication that the materials used may be subpar.

Holes In Your Commercial Roof

Holes and punctures can occur when debris or other things blow onto a roof and poke through the shingles or membrane.

Commercial roofs often have heated or cooling vents and maintenance accesses that can expose the surface to lots of foot traffic and risks for punctures.

If holes are not repaired, they become bigger and can lead to more damage.

Poor Maintenance Of Your Commercial Roof

Commercial roofs need to be regularly maintained, and if they aren’t, problems will arise. Many commercial roof owners either aren’t educated on how to properly maintain their roofs or simply don’t have the time to do it.

They only realize there is a problem when it becomes obvious, and by then, major repairs or replacement is needed.

Choose A Trusted Thornton, CO
Commercial Roof Repair Team

Your business is your livelihood, and your commercial building is what keeps it running. You can’t afford for your roof to be damaged or for repairs and replacements to be done incorrectly.

Roof Worx offers top commercial property roof repairs and replacement.

We are licensed and insured, so you have the peace of mind of knowing your roofing project is in good hands. We are also accredited by the Better Business Bureau, serving Denver/Boulder with an A+ rating.

We are members of the National Roofing Association, GAF MasterElite, GAF Master, Johns Manville Certified Installer, Versico Certified Installer, Mulehide Certified Installer, Shingle Master Certified by CertainTeed, and an Owens Corning Preferred Contractor. With Roof Worx, you know your project is in great hands.

When it comes time to choose a contractor for your commercial building roof repairs needs, be sure to contact Roof Worx online or give us a call at 303-353-1825.

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