Regular Roof Maintenance

Repairing or replacing your building’s roof can be expensive. Having Roof Worx inspect the roof every six months can help identify roof maintenance opportunities that will help prevent costly repairs later and extend the life of your investment.

Look for missing, damaged or curling shingles and any other signs of wear and tear for shingle roofs. For commercial flat roofs, we inspect seams, transitions, flashings, joint sealers, penetrations, membrane damage and much more.
Check for signs of fungus or algae.
Inspect metal areas for rust.
Examine the flashing to make sure it’s solid.
Seal any cracked mortar or caulking around joints and chimneys.
Look for signs of leaking, like dark spots on the ceiling, or mold or dampness in your attic.
Sweep or blow off excess debris on the roof. Sticks, leaves and other debris can damage shingles and be a fuel source if you live in an area of forest fires.
Trim any branches that are hanging over the roof to prevent damage and keep squirrels and raccoons away.
Check for debris in gutters and downspouts.
Roof Worx

Roof maintenance is often ignored, but small problems with a roof can lead to some of the most costly home and building repairs around.

Roof systems, unlike other components of a home or building, are susceptible to severe weathering, expansion, contraction and human abuse. It is not uncommon for some leakage to develop within a very short period after the original roof application as a result of these causes, thus requiring continual inspection and maintenance. In addition, exposure to unusual pollutants, strong winds, hail and long continued rains, may result in additional roof system degradation.

As a result, home owners, building owners and property managers should routinely implement a scheduled roof inspection and maintenance program.

How long would you drive your car without an oil change?

Sounds dangerous and EXPENSIVE. Going months and years without maintaining for your roof? Most people get a new roof and forget about it until it leaks or needs replacement. This reactive approach is like changing the oil in your car after you have engine problems. The damage has occurred and an expensive roof repair or replacement may be the only solution. There is a better approach; a Denver roof maintenance program. A Roof Worx maintenance team will regularly inspect your roof, and expertly repair minor problems before they become major issues.

Consider the following misconceptions:

A roof just sits there, nothing can happen to it

Even though your roof may appear stagnant, there are many dynamic forces acting upon it. For example: the sun’s ultraviolet rays are breaking it down along with the oppressive heat and the bitter cold are constantly causing the roof to expand and contract. These forces can cause minor defects, which compound if ignored, causing major roof problems. A dropped tool from an HAVC repair can puncture your roof.

I’m covered – I have a roofing warranty

A roofing warranty that most people have is a manufacturer’s materials warranty which warrants that the roof will last a specified time period under normal conditions with periodic maintenance. A common misconception is that a standard manufacture warranty is long-term and covers any roofing problem.
Actually, manufacturer roof warranties may be considered void if proper roof maintenance is not performed and they typically do not cover common leaks.

My facility maintenance staff can take care of it

Roofing systems are complex and innovative using rubbers, plastics, modified asphalts and other synthetic materials. Facility maintenance staff are not trained to understand the complexity of modern roofing systems. They may do more harm than good by using incompatible materials and an improper repair also risks voiding your manufacturer’s warranty.
An “in-house” repair may cost an owner in three ways:
1. The roof repair did not work and actually compounded the problem.
2. The maintenance person repaired it using the wrong materials, voiding the manufacturer’s warranty and roofing contractors warranty.
3. The “roof repair” has to be undone then fixed properly.

Isn’t a roof maintenance program expensive?

You have a lot invested in your roof system – it is one of the major “assets” of your building. Major roof manufacturers agree that nothing is more critical to your roof’s long-term cost performance, than establishing a program of regular inspections and proper roof maintenance. That’s why regular roof maintenance is required as part of the manufacture’s warranty. Also, failure to perform and document regular roof maintenance can be the basis of your insurance carrier denying any payment even on a legitimate claim. Roof Worx can protect your roof system investment for as little as 1% of its replacement value annually (depending on your roof’s age and complexity). Contact us today for a free roof maintenance estimate – and safeguard your investment.

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