TruSlate Roofing Systems

TruSlate Roofing by GAF manufacturer is Roof Worx material supplier for our Denver Slate Roofing Systems. TruSlate Roofing provides amazing option to obtain REAL slate roof at a fraction of the cost of a traditional Denver slate roofing system.

TruSlate Roofing is a genuine S1-grade hand-split quarried slate product out of Vermont. GAF takes this quarried slate and manufactures it in such an efficient way that it cuts down on the cumbersome heavy block slate that once was. The reduced weight of this product can eliminate the need for structural modifications to support the traditional heavy slate roofing shingles which means a significant reduction in cost of a TruSlate Roofing System. This unique product allows our customers to put slate BACK ON THE TABLE in a lightweight, affordable, genuine slate roofing shingle.

Roof Worx

Over the years there have been imitators of the slate look that have created composite replacement products. With TruSlate Roofing, Roof Worx can offer our clients that REAL slate roofing products for the cost of the imitation products.

How did they do it?

Simply speaking on an original slate installation, half of the slate block was unseen under the slate block above it. GAF simply replaced this unseen slate with a high-tech waterproofing material.

With TruSlate roofing system on the market, why consider the cheap imitations when you can now have the real thing for about the same price!

If you are in the market for a Denver Slate Roofing product, don’t get discouraged by about the issues of weight and price. Denver TruSlate Roofing has eliminated these concerns and brings to you one of the Best in Class slate roofing products out there. Ask your representative to bring slate roofing samples of this product for your review.

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