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Unlike other vital systems of your Colorado Front Range home, your roof is susceptible to various kinds of abuse, including severe weathering, unusual pollutants, intense winds/hail, expansion and contraction issues, and general neglect (improper installation). Leakage isn’t uncommon. It’s the #1 reason folks give us a call; they want to learn about our roof maintenance services and to see whether they need to replace their residential roof.

We’re happy to come out to your property, provide a professional inspection, and identify roof maintenance opportunities that will prevent more costly repairs down the road and extend the life of your investment. Why ignore minor problems that can lead to significant, expensive headaches when you’ve got a long-standing, trustworthy, and upfront roofer to call?

A Few Simple Informative FAQs

What’s The Difference Between Repair & Maintenance?

When you call us to repair your roof, the damage has already been done. Regular maintenance work is to wards off and prevents problems before they happen. For example, we trim branches and clean gutters before they clog up the system and lead to water damage.

Why Do I Need To Maintain My Roof?

To prevent minor problems from slowly or quickly becoming much bigger, more expensive issues. For example, the sun and cold over time will cause the roof to expand and contract and cause minor defects. They will compound until major repair work is needed if they’re ignored.

How Much Do I Save By Maintaining My Roof?

A fair amount. Consider the price of a full roof replacement vs. the cost of easy ongoing maintenance a couple of times a year. Another way to look at it is by using a car as an example. Regular oil change/tune-up costs are minor compared to serious engine work!

How Long Will My New Roof Last?

Decades. A high-quality roofing system that’s been appropriately installed by Roof Worx and maintained will last through its warranty and beyond. There will come a time when it’ll need to be replaced, but taking good care of it can delay that for years and years.



We’ve got lots to look for: damaged, missing, or curling tiles; signs of fungus or algae; rust on metal areas; flashing; signs of leakage; and more!



We’ll also check the mortar and caulking around joints and your chimney, if you have one, to see if they need to be touched up and resealed



If we find excess debris (sticks, leaves, snow, or other junk) that can cause damage or be fuel for a fire, we’ll safely clear or blow it off your roof.



Let’s walk around your home and look for any low-hanging branches or branches hanging over the roof to trim (this also helps keep critters away).



It’s essential to keep your gutters and downspouts clean/clog-free, so water can easily flow away from the home and safely out onto the property.

Residential Roof Maintenance In Denver.
Why Roof Worx Is A Trusted, Go-To Resource!

Our Personal Time Tested Customer Approved Process

Our Personal, Time-Tested, Customer-Approved Process

Since opening in 1999, we’ve honestly worked on thousands of homes across the Colorado Front Range. Why? Because we’re friendly and our process is both fast and customer-centric. We treat you RIGHT! This includes full roof replacements, major/minor repairs, and ongoing residential roof maintenance. Countless local families have us come out and inspect their roofs about every six months to ensure their roofing systems stay in tip-top working order.

It’s like giving your car an oil change. You wouldn’t drive it for too long without one, and you shouldn’t go too long without a roof inspection and regular upkeep either. It can be dangerous! Neglect can also cause you to need to replace the residential roof. Comprehensive residential roof maintenance is a better, more proactive option Roof Worx teams are well-versed in.

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The Long-Lasting Value Of Our Roofing Products

Roof Worx is a certified GAF ‘Master Elite’ roofer, and we work with a wide range of premium products and roofing systems – shingle, metal, tile, shake, stone, and slate, along with protective high-quality roof coatings. We’re specialists, far more qualified than general facility maintenance staff or ‘Chuck and his truck’ repairmen. They may end up compounding problems, making repairs using the wrong materials, or just doing a poor job that needs to be properly redone.

Our team will NOT rest until we know you’re breathing easily under a water-tight, built-to-last roof you can depend on. Afterward, you can consider Roof Worx your long-haul partner capable of handling all your roofing needs. We can’t wait to welcome you into our family of customers!

Within Budget And Guaranteed Results… That Last

Well-Known Workmanship That Stands The Test Of Time

We’re incredibly proud of the hundreds and hundreds of real 5-star customer reviews we’ve received over the years. Most involve full roof replacement, but a sizable portion relates to our repair and roof maintenance services. Folks appreciate how quickly we act, how transparent and upfront we are, and how dependable our workmanship is. When it’s your home we’re talking about, we know it’s PERSONAL. That is why we don’t cut corners or use low-quality materials

Another aspect of our roof maintenance is our integrated real-time cost control systems. We put extreme focus on project management, scheduling, securing products and materials from outstanding manufacturers, and monitoring…everything! You’ll know the down-to-the-penny costs before a single hammer is swung. If we hit a ‘Whoops,’ we let you know up front and manage it. No surprises. No games. It’s a matter of professional pride and integrity.

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Our Experienced Gray-Hair Professionalism

While we opened in 1999, our experience working on homes and businesses stretches further. Our roots involve home construction and the commercial side of things as well, where projects can be incredibly complex with demanding timelines and strict budgets. When you choose Roof Worx, you’re choosing specialists who know how to get results.

We also know how to treat you and your home. Expect fast, friendly service. Expect impeccably clean workmanship and a tidy work site. Expect honest, transparent information with no strings attached. And expect a roof maintenance crew with proper oversight, training, and quality control measures. All of this bleeds into our core values at the heart of our company and our approach to this industry. If needed, we’ve got you covered to replace a residential roof!

What Our Residential Roofing Customers Are Saying

“Roof Worx was fantastic to work with. They made getting a brand-new roof on our new home easy and painless. Before someone referred us to Roof Worx, we called more than 10 roofing companies (none of which would call or email us back because we were doing a brand-new roof on a new home). We told them what we wanted, and they made it happen. Thank you, Roof Worx, for giving us a beautiful brand-new roof and making it easy and affordable. We definitely will recommend you guys to our friends and family.”

Anna F.

“Great working with Roof Worx. So glad I found them. They did a great job on the repair. It was on time, on budget, and quality work. They were great with communication, updates, and responding to queries. Our lead on-site had tons of knowledge and was extremely helpful. I would definitely use Roof Worx again.”

Austin H.

“Before investing in roof maintenance, we had Roof Worx come out to my house yesterday with their drone and do an inspection of our roof. They uploaded pictures to me and were able to verify that it was in good condition and that they had no concerns. This is a great service that Roof Worx provides, and it was done quickly and professionally. I would highly recommend them for all your roofing needs.”

Terry H.

“Roof Worx was fantastic in helping with my roof repair and replacement. They were clear, upfront, honest and stayed in constant communication the entire time. They also set great expectations and worked very hard to make my experience great, helping replace my roof and gutters from the Colorado hail storms. Thank you, Roof Worx!”

Henry H.

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