Decra Stone Coated Steel Roofing Systems

A stone roof adds a very elegant and modern aesthetic appeal to a house. Replicate the stunning look of a stone roof at your home, at a fraction of the price, with top-quality stone coated steel roofing.

At Roof Worx, we have worked in the field of multifamily and commercial roof replacement for years. We have helped multiple home and office building owners find the stone coated steel tiles that are right for their property. Contact us for more information.

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Denver Decra Roofing Systems

These panels are more than an aesthetic choice, they alse provide weather-tight barriers that last for generations. Even better, the warranty lasts 50 years and it’s also transferrable. These walkable panels are extremely resilient and refuse to crack, break, burn, curl, split or rot, and DECRA roofing panels have a 120 mph wind warranty. Decra Roofing panel installation is with screws as opposed to nails which ensures that this product performs to the highest standards.

Unlike traditional stone tiles, the priming process in the manufacturing of the DECRA roofing shingle with an acrylic primer allows the adhesion of subsequent coatings. Through the use of acrylic resin binders and specially formulated paint to blend with the various granule colors, DECRA roofing is able to achieve a product and a blend that has no equal in the market today. A resin provides a surface for the ceramic coated granules to adhere to which in turn protect the basecoat and metal from water, UV rays and overheating of the panel

One of the biggest advantages of the stone coated steel roof tiles is that they resemble real stone tiles in color and texture. By using superior-quality acrylic resin glaze, our roof contractors create raised granules on the tiles, making them gain the texture of stone. When used in commercial and commercial roof replacement work, this acrylic glaze adds beauty to the tiles, while giving them an additional layer of protection.

Whether it’s a commercial roof replacement project or a commercial one, you can always have our roof contractors over to inspect your roof. We will take a good look at your roof and tell you what best can be done to improve it.

Available in a variety of colors, we have a very large selection of stone coated steel roof tiles in our warehouse. Schedule an appointment with one of our roof replacement specialists today!

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