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Full-Service Exterior Remodeling
For Local Multifamily Properties
In Colorado’s Front Range

Roof Worx Is Your Trusted General Contractor For Roofing,
Siding, Windows, Gutters, Painting, & HVAC

Are you a multifamily property owner or manager searching for a solid company that can deliver an on-time, on-budget, low-stress exterior remodel? Choose Roof Worx! While we started our business in 1999, our experience with commercial buildings stretches back further. Today, we’re your trusted local Front Range general contractor for roofing, siding, windows, gutters, painting, and HVAC.

We stand out in a sea of other Front Range contractors thanks to our decades of experience, hundreds of 5-star reviews, and the ease and professionalism of our exterior remodeling process. Learn more about our general contracting services below, and contact us anytime with questions/concerns or to schedule a consultation. We look forward to welcoming you into the Roof Worx family soon!

Our Convenient, Detailed, And High-Quality
Multifamily Exterior Remodeling Services… Done RIGHT!

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Commercial Roofing & Roof Replacement
For Multifamily Properties

Are you building a complex from the ground up and need a quality, cost-effective roofing system? Need to replace an existing building’s roof in a quick and detailed way? Roof Worx is ready to help you choose the best type of roofing system and install it with impeccable workmanship.

Multifamily housing is a substantial market in the Colorado Front Range. We know it well. And the best part is our roofing specialists can work with various materials: metal, tile, shake, slate, stone-coated, flat/low roofing, and more. Driven by excellence and service, Roof Worx comes through no matter what! Once aboard, we’re committed to an impeccable roof replacement. Spend some time browsing our hundreds of customer reviews, and see for yourself.

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Vinyl, Steel, Aluminum, And Cedar Siding
With Versatile Features & Options

Like our all-around expertise in roofing materials, when it comes to siding, we offer a wide selection of options, styles, and colors in vinyl, steel, aluminum, and cedar. Roof Worx is worth a call when it’s time to maximize the curb appeal of your multifamily building while adding quality and long-lasting protection that requires minimal maintenance.

We’ve been exterior remodeling for decades and have a great relationship with our manufacturers. We know these siding systems inside and out and how to accommodate the nuances of multifamily projects. For example, with vinyl, we’re experts at all the many profiles: Traditional Lap, Dutch Lap, Vertical & Horizontal Panels, Beaded Designs (in various profile widths), and Shake, Scallops, Shingles, and Fish Scales.

Roof Worx Multifamily Window Replacement Thornton Colorado

Quality, Perfect-Match Windows
For The Colorado Front Range Area

Windows projects for multifamily properties are serious investments. At Roof Worx, we pride ourselves on offering the highest-quality products and manufacturers that best suit our area. We don’t focus on one brand but work with a selection including (but not limited to) Simonton, Jeldwen, Milgard, and Alside, to ensure you get the most value at a reasonable price.

Thanks to our decades-old reputation and hundreds upon hundreds of 5-star reviews on different platforms, you know you’ll be taken care of in a proven, prompt, and professional way. Let’s set up an inspection and then sit down and review the particulars together.

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Quality Aluminum And Steel Gutters
Fabricated On-Site

As you know, your multifamily building’s roof isn’t just a bunch of shingles and some insulation. Without proper drainage, even the absolute best roofing system on the planet will be damaged…increasingly over time until the gutters are addressed. At Roof Worx, we specialize in lightweight aluminum and cost-competitive steel gutters with the option to go seamless.

Our seamless gutters are fabricated on-site to exact specifications and only join at the inside and outside corners and your downspout outlets. This means you have far less to worry about because there are no cheap fasteners, seams, or weak spots. Plus, they require minimal maintenance! We’re happy to sit down and explain why they’re so increasingly popular.

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Spotless, Cost-Effective Painting Services
For Multifamily Properties

Giving multifamily buildings a refreshing new exterior paint job is a great investment. We’ve been engaged in these projects for years on every type of building you could imagine. There’s nothing like a fresh, flawless coat of premium paint to give your community a warm feeling. Cheap alternatives and knockoff brands don’t look nearly as good or come with extended warranties.

What sets Roof Worx apart is our proven, tried and true process. Your painting project will go smoothly with us because we KNOW a fantastic finish is all in the prep work. We have a supervisor on-site managing the step-by-step, triple-checking specifications, and ensuring the surface is properly prepped and cleaned, with rust spots buffed out. We’re detailed!

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Full-Service HVAC & Insulation Solutions
Multifamily Property Owners Can Count On

More often than not, HVAC gets involved while we’re working on multifamily roofing projects. Are we an HVAC contractor? No. You wouldn’t call Roof Worx for HVAC repairs or maintenance, but while we update or work on the roof, we can detach, reset, or replace your units. We do this for various reasons: age, damaged units, inefficient or outdated models, etc.

With roofing spearheading the show, we can coordinate with a crane and all the other activities incorporated in this level of HVAC work. It makes the entire process much more efficient and cost-effective. With our reputation on the line, we keep a close eye on budgeting and ensure you get the absolute most value for every dollar invested.

Multifamily Property Condition Assessments (PCA)

PCAs, or Property Condition Assessments, are an invaluable tool for multifamily property owners in the Colorado Front Range area (especially after storms pass through). We have specialists who can quickly ascertain the situation, make spot-on repairs, or take you through a more methodical tiered process that gives you various options.

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