Modern Asphalt Shingle Roofing

Shingles have been the most classic-looking, recognizable materials used on American roofs for decades. The asphalt shingles used on modern roofs, though, are significantly more sophisticated than the ones we’re most familiar with. Modern asphalt shingles are based on recent technological advances that have come to the roofing industry: Surenail strips, fiberglass mats, and reinforced SBS membranes make today’s asphalt shingles stronger, more protective, and more resistant.

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Roof Worx in Thornton also uses laminate shingles with heavier base mats. Laminate shingles — also known as “architectural” shingles — consist of staggered layers that add an instant dimension to roofs that are unusually built or shaped. The range of colors, textures, and sizes of laminate shingles makes them extraordinarily useful for all sorts of roof replacement projects. They’re also extremely resilient and durable, typically lasting for anywhere between 25 and 50 years in many installations and backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

The variety of colors and styles in laminate shingles make them extraordinarily versatile and popular, not to mention cost-effective and practical. Roof Worx in Thornton uses laminate shingles to build the most strong and attractive roofs in the area.

Our Thornton roofing installers have worked with asphalt shingles for years. Our customers have come to rely on Roof Worx for our dependable, timely, and high-quality craftsmanship and guaranteed results. Whatever the style or shape of your building, Roof Worx has the roofing solution that best fits your home or business.

Timberline® High-Definition HDZ Lifetime Shingles

Timberline®HDZ shingles are the top-selling brand in North America and for good reason. They offer a strong defense against the elements and give homes a welcoming and beautiful look. The HDZ shingle is the only shingle that can have an unlimited wind warranty. With their limited lifetime warranty, backed by our own Golden Pledge Warranty only available from Master Elite Contractors like Roof Worx, Timberline®HDZ shingles are the shingles our customers request the most.

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Designer Lifetime Shingles

Designer Lifetime Shingles make up some of the most beautiful and stunning roofs in the country. They’re available in an incredibly wide variety of styles and colors, so they’re the perfect choice for a diverse range of buildings. Designer Lifetime shingles are particularly built to last, and their combination of aesthetic appeal and extraordinary durability can add a surprising amount of value to your home and property. Your Roof Worx representative can help you decide which Designer Lifetime shingles to use from their extensive catalog.

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GAF ArmorShield II Impact Resistant Class 4 Shingles for Better Hail Resistance

Colorado residents are all too familiar with weather challenges, including the wear and tear that comes from exposure to hailstorms. The impact of hail can be so damaging that insurance companies frequently offer lower premiums to homes with roof shingles that merit a “Class 4” resistance rating. GAF’s ArmourShield shingles are built for that purpose. Their shingles are manufactured with an additional SBS base that helps them withstand the fallout from difficult weather — especially hail, which has been the source of ruin for many homes in the Thornton area. Find out if your home insurance carrier offers discounts for Class 4 shingles, and Roof Worx can offer you more protection and even save a little cash with GAF ArmourShield II Impact Resistant shingles.

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GAF’s TruSlate™ shingles are constructed from real, quarried slate. They’re lightweight, waterproof, all-natural, and extremely affordable for use on both new and replacement roofs. Roof Worx can show you your options for TruSlate™ shingles when it’s time for you to decide on your roofing project.

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Choose Your Shingle Style

Roof Worx trusts and uses GAF roofing products. They’re one of the industry’s best-rated brands, with a fantastic range of styles, advanced protection technology, and durability. As Master Elite Contractors, we rely on GAF shingles to give our customers the best roofing results time after time. Use the GAF Shingle Style Guide to see the wide selection of choices you have.

100% Commitment to Protecting Your Most Valuable Asset The GAF Advanced Protection™ Shingle represents all the qualities that the best roofing shingles have to offer. With a dynamic blend of heaviness, sturdiness, and high performance, GAF Advanced Protection™ Shingles excel in several important standards:
  • Granule adhesion
  • Wind resistance
  • Class A fire resistance
  • Durability and flexibility
  • Aesthetic appeal

For more than 134 years, GAF has kept pace with the latest in roofing technology. They’re so confident about their product that they offer limited lifetime warranties on all their shingle products.
Maximum Protection against Wind Disasters
GAF’s Advanced Protection shingles are especially strong in the face of heavy winds that can damage and destroy homes in a heartbeat. Their Dura Grip® adhesive seals consistently excel in the roofing industry’s most stringent wind-resistance tests:
  • ASTM D3161, Class F, 110 mph
  • ASTM D7158, Class H, 150 mph

GAF shingles were the first in the business to pass these tough tests for wind resistance. That makes them especially efficient in saving Thornton homeowners from the ravages and expenses of mountain winds, tornadoes, and other heavy windstorms.

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