Roof Worx
  • All new clients receive a Baseline Inspection and PCA report.
  • A hard copy along with a cloud stored digital file are provided within weeks of the inspection. The timeframe depends on the size of the property and number of buildings.
  • A breakdown of costs associated with immediate repair needs and/or a full replacement estimate are also provided.
  • We inspect annually to create the most accurate model of each property.
  • Should a storm event warrant an inspection, we will physically inspect and drone inspect as soon as the weather clears.

XAP 360 Drone Inspection


Our drones capture vast amounts of data that is reviewed by advanced AI/ML to create a digital twin. Coupled with our expert analysis we are able to:

  • 3D Digital rendering with precision measurements
  • 24/7/365 Storm Monitoring
  • 10 Time Faster Roof Inspection
  • Gauge the life expectancy of a roofing system
  • Rank the order on importance between units
  • Planning (preventative maintenance, install flows, estimates, etc.)
  • Compare against prior inspections


XAP further protects budgets with its severe weather monitoring and automated response measures. We’ll be on location within 24 hours, tarps in hand, and ready to problem solve.

Each baseline PCA gives us insights into the condition of a roof so we can accurately evaluate the wind speed and hail size that triggers an alert.

After a storm event delivers a blow to a roof, the post inspection and prior annual or baseline inspection are then leveraged for the insurance claim. The PCAs are a solid backbone for any claim and can help approvals go smoother and quicker than standard.

Roof Worx Assessment Program

Roof Worx Property Condition Assessment program provides a new level of roof assessment based on computer AI/ML that is unbiased, quick, and accurate. Property managers and building owners get a real assessment of the roofs life expectancy. Give us a call today and schedule your property assessment.

Roof Worx is an award winning roofing company that specializes in commercial and residential roofing and exterior projects. Roof Worx commitment to excellence continues to provide high customer satisfaction ratings through positive customer experience, outstanding workmanship and superior materials.