Insurance Claims Assistance

Roof Worx Expert Claims Assistance and Reconciliation

Once the initial estimate and ACV payment is made by the insurance company, the sales associate will meet with the homeowner or business owner, finalize any contract details, and secure a copy of the insurance paperwork.

Our Insurance Reconciliation Department reviews the insurance paperwork that was provided by the insurance company, as a part of your insurance claim settlement documents, to validate that the insurance company has addressed all of the necessary components to complete the required repairs.  This includes verification of the materials, quantities, as well as code required items.  Any discrepancies are noted and submitted back to the insurance company in the form of an estimate which details the necessary supplements we would like the insurance company to consider.  The Insurance Reconciliation Department is well versed in negotiating with the insurance company and develops a working relationship with many of the adjusters.  We are able to provide the insurance company with any required documentation to support the need for a supplement such as code requirement documents, photographs, etc. 

Although in most cases your job has already moved into our production department, we are hard at work consulting with the insurance company to make sure that they are extending coverage for all of the damages to your property to assure it is restored properly.  Because we are able to utilize technology that is the insurance industry standard, as well as our considerable knowledge of the insurance industry itself, you have the peace of mind knowing that we are advocating for you, the homeowner each step of the way.

The Insurance Reconciliation Department maintains close contact with the Production Department during your installation to be kept abreast of any potential issues which may arise during construction.  This constant communication assures that if a situation arises, we can keep your insurance company in the loop and apprised of potential supplemental items that may be incurred. By doing this, it minimizes any potential out-of-pocket exposure the homeowner may encounter.


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