Commercial Roof Repair

Commercial Roof Repair

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Since opening our doors in 1999, we’ve completed thousands of projects and distinguished Roof Worx as a qualified, well-known, well-respected commercial roofing company in the Colorado Front Range area. No matter the scale of your project, our experience and versatile suite of solutions will see it through. Whether you want a new TPO roofing system or a repair to your EPDM rubber roof, we can help.

When so much is on the line, we’re that family-owned and operated commercial roof company who obsesses over the details and truly CARES about workmanship…the on you can trust. Our decades of 5-star service and results are a rock-solid testament to that fact! Expect an accommodating process and impeccable results delivered on time and within budget. To learn more about what we can do for your business, simply reach out and contact us today.

Easy Tell-Tale Signs You’re In Need Of
Commercial Roof Repair

Moisture & Water Issues

Your business needs a water-tight roofing system so no moisture can penetrate and cause an array of unsightly and expensive issues: rot, insects/rodents, soaked insulation, and more.

Creeping Energy Bills

Creeping Energy Bills

Commercial roofing depends on things like reflectivity to ease the stress on your cooling system, and as it becomes less efficient, your energy bills will begin to creep upward every month.

Moisture Bubbling

Moisture Bubbling

If you get on the roof and see bubbling, it’s likely because of moisture build-up under the top layer (especially adhered singly-ply). The more bubbles, the sooner you’ll need repairs done.

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Roof Sagging

Whether you’ve got roof joist issues or compressed insulation, sagging is a serious indicator that repairs need to be done…pronto. We’ll let you know what’s wrong and help get it taken care of.

Open Seams

Open Seams

Once you see seams begin to open up, it’s only a matter of time before moisture finds its way to cause more extensive damage—an easy fix for our commercial roof repair services.

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Clogging Drainage

Depending on your location, for example, if there are tons of nearby trees, you may deal with common gutter problems and getting rainwater away from your building. We can help.

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Low-Quality Flashing

If you look at the roof piercings in the metal flashing around the parapet or where your roof changes levels, gaps are a problem! We can fix those dislodged or missing pieces.

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Our Personal Time Tested Customer Approved Process

Our Smooth, Accommodating Process

As fellow business owners with plenty of commercial construction experience, we understand what kind of pressures you’re dealing with and how intimidating it can be to work with contractors. That’s why our seasoned, time-tested process is so smooth. Repairs can be stressful when you don’t know what’s wrong, how extensive the damage might be, and what kind of numbers you’re looking at.

We’ll professionally assess the situation and then explain your options in detail. We’re happy to answer any questions and address any concerns you might have. And while we’re going to do our best not to miss anything, should new issues pop up, you’ll be treated fairly (like family!) every step of the way—respectful, accommodating, experienced service.

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Our Dedication To Top-Of-The-Line Products

Commercial roof repair requires a specific skill set and training that engrains the dynamics of these types of roofing systems into technicians. It also requires premium materials to do the job right. We specialize in roofing, from shingle and metal to tile, shake, stone-coasted, slate, flat/low, and roof coatings. To say we understand these systems would be an understatement!

This means you can depend on our work, which we fully stand behind. And you can rely on our expertise as well. We don’t steer people wrong. We don’t try to give Colorado Front Range business owners solutions they don’t need. We’re focused on value and quality, whether doing repairs, providing ongoing preventative maintenance, or doing a full replacement.

Within Budget And Guaranteed Results… That Last

Our Detailed, By-The-Book Workmanship

If you head online and read through our hundreds upon hundreds of 5-star reviews, one of the more prominent themes revolves around our approach to the work. It’s by the book! And two important pillars for us as the roof repair company you call are careful planning and quality control. It’s essential you know every aspect of what we’re doing, why, and what to expect.

We’re meticulous. We’re practiced. We’re committed to oversight. We’re schooled in all the many things that can go wrong if even one critical detail is overlooked or swept under the proverbial rug with low-quality materials. At Roof Worx, we’re FULLY aware that our local reputation across the Colorado Front Range area largely depends on our workmanship

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Our Long-Standing Gray-Hair Professionalism

We’re not a young roof repair company. Our experience working with commercial properties goes back before 1999 when we built our brand. Are some of our talented technicians younger? Sure! But most of our executive and management staff have plenty of gray hairs, as we like to say. This means everything we’ve discussed, including our process, the products and materials we specialize in, and our workmanship, is guided by professionalism.

In some ways, we’re ‘old school,’ we admit it. But we also keep on top of the roofing industry locally and nationally. And, we run our projects the way commercial roof repair projects should be. Not hastily. Not haphazardly. Not in an imprudent manner. But with safety, cost-effectiveness, coverage, quality, and last-lasting value in mind. Learn more through the link below.

“Reached out to the company to look at redoing my gutters. It wasn’t a large job, so I worried I wouldn’t get good treatment. I was wrong. They quickly sent one of their crew out, who ran through all my options. One of which was simply repairing the existing gutters and possibly not needing to replace everything. It didn’t seem to matter to them if I was spending $500 or $5000. With as busy as Denver has been in the trades, it was nice to be treated as more than just the next project. I’ll use Roof Worx for everything exterior from now on.”

Tj B.

“Professional work at a fair price. They gave me a detailed on-site explanation of how they’d replace my roof and explained all the options. Then they walked me through the insurance process and answered all my questions. The work was done professionally, and they came in at the quoted cost with no surprises or add-on fees. Overall I was very satisfied with the work and customer service and would definitely hire them again!”

Seth I.

“Roof Worx was great! I needed the skylights in my office replaced due to a leak. The consultant was great about explaining the different options and price points. The lights were replaced in a snap (or so it seemed). Monday morning, it was as if nobody had been there. Thanks!”

Brian & Jodi C.

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