Composite Roofing CONTACT US OUR WORK Class A fire ratings with the look and feel of the real thing.

Composite Roofing

Composite roofing shingles give the look of cedar shakes or slate in a synthetic material.  Traditional Wood Cedar Shakes have been prohibited in many jurisdictions because of fire class ratings.  Composite Cedar Shakes give you the look and beauty of the real thing and have class A fire ratings. Real Slate is very expensive and heavy.  Composite slate shingles still give you the real slate look in product that weighs much less and is affordable.

Composite shingles come and may colors and some have variegated colors to provide an even more realistic look.  Some are molded from real wood shakes and slate. Composite shingles are made from plastic, rubber, and polyurethane and provide different levels of sustainable, environmentally friendly steep-slope products.  Some use up to 80 percent recycled post-industrial rubber and plastic. Some are LEED and Energy Star qualified and provide additional insulation to your roof. Some of the most popular brands are CeDUR, DaVinci Roof Scapes, and EcoStar.  Roof Worx can install all these different product styles.

Ask Roof Worx about the different composite shingle options for the look you want to achieve.

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