Pros and Cons of Impact-Resistant Shingles: Is a Hail-Resistant Roof Worth It?

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Your roof is a vital component of your home; it protects your family and belongings. Choosing the best type of roofing can seem overwhelming. Residents often wonder if a hail-proof roof is worth the cost. We're here to answer that for you. What are impact-resistant (Class 4) shingles? Class 4 Shingles of this type are

Tile Roofs or Asphalt Shingles? What is Best For Your Home

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When it comes to replacing your roof, there are endless possibilities with respect to the material you choose. If you’re uncertain about whether to choose tile or asphalt shingles for your new roof, then you’re not alone. Many people are unaware of the differences between these two roofing materials, as well as how each behaves

How to Properly Care for Your Gutters

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Caring for your home’s gutters may seem like a mindless and off-putting task, and it’s easy to simply allow your gutters to fill up with leaves and debris for months at a time. Caring for your home’s gutters is more important than you may think. Not only do well-maintained gutters improve the external appearance of

A Checklist to Keep Your Roof Good as New

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Roofing repairs and maintenance are some of the most costly services faced by homeowners, and often require the assistance of professional roofers. Preemptive measures in the form of regular inspection, conducted professionally or by the homeowner, can save a great deal of money and time, and can guarantee the maximal lifespan of a home’s roof.

Exploring the 4 Most Common Roofing Materials

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Exploring the 4 Most Common Roofing Materials A fundamental aspect of property value and structural integrity is the construction and composition of a home’s roof. Roofing repairs can be costly when damage is extensive or the materials used were of a low quality. Roof Worx offers a myriad of roofing services and materials to ensure

Denver Roofers Encounter Multiple Layers of Shingles

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Roof Worx provides all types of Roof Hail Damage Assistance include Hail Claim Assistance with your insurance company. When we inspect a Denver roof for a possible insurance claim, we look at all factors affecting a roof hail damage claim. In this recent inspection, we identified hail damage as well as multiple layers of shingles

Plank Decking by Denver Roofing Repair Company

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Denver Roofing Company - Dealing with Plank Decking Roofing Denver homes many times requires extra attention.  Many a Denver roofing company will have to re-deck a roof because of the plank decking.  Without re-decking this roof, some rows of the shingles would not be nailed to anything because they would fall on a space between

Denver Roofing Repair Company – Roof Worx

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Denver Roofing Repair Check out the new style of pipe jack!  I am sure that this style of pipe jack will have problems and cause the roof to leak.  If you have this type of pipe jack, you need to call us imediately. At Roof Worx, we prefer using new pipe jacks with Denver Roofing

TPO Roof – Thornton Commercial Roofer

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Roof Worx Team installed a New TPO Roofing using #GAF's Rhino Bond TPO Roofing System. This flat roof system is a mechanically attached system but the plates do not penetrate the TPO membrane. The TPO roofing membrane is attached to special plates with a Rhino Bond welder. Simply, this machine welds the TPO Roofing Membrane to the