Denver Roofers Encounter Multiple Layers of Shingles

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Roof Worx provides all types of Roof Hail Damage Assistance include Hail Claim Assistance with your insurance company. When we inspect a Denver roof for a possible insurance claim, we look at all factors affecting a roof hail damage claim. In this recent inspection, we identified hail damage as well as multiple layers of shingles

Plank Decking by Denver Roofing Repair Company

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Denver Roofing Company - Dealing with Plank Decking Roofing Denver homes many times requires extra attention.  Many a Denver roofing company will have to re-deck a roof because of the plank decking.  Without re-decking this roof, some rows of the shingles would not be nailed to anything because they would fall on a space between

Denver Roofing Repair Company – Roof Worx

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Denver Roofing Repair Check out the new style of pipe jack!  I am sure that this style of pipe jack will have problems and cause the roof to leak.  If you have this type of pipe jack, you need to call us imediately. At Roof Worx, we prefer using new pipe jacks with Denver Roofing

TPO Roof – Thornton Commercial Roofer

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Roof Worx Team installed a New TPO Roofing using #GAF's Rhino Bond TPO Roofing System. This flat roof system is a mechanically attached system but the plates do not penetrate the TPO membrane. The TPO roofing membrane is attached to special plates with a Rhino Bond welder. Simply, this machine welds the TPO Roofing Membrane to the

Denver Roofer – A Cut Above The Rest

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A Cut Above The Rest I happened to have lunch at a large, well-known restaurant chain today and was thinking about the similarities to the Denver roofing industry. Now, I know what you’re thinking….what kind of a person thinks about that, right? Well, the kind of person that knows as a Denver roofing company, what

The Home Inspector Told Our Buyers

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The Home Inspector Told Our Buyers... Your home is for sale, you've finally received an offer, and you think you are headed to a quick easy closing.  Then, the prospective buyers have a home inspection completed and the inspector tells them that the roof needs to be replaced tossing a big 'ol monkey wrench into