Roofing Repair

Different Types of Roof Shingle Damage

Damage to asphalt and asbestos shingles
by admin | November 18, 2020 |

Mother Nature can be hard on your roof. The extent of damage will depend on the type of roofing materials and roofing shingles used. Whether your roofing material consists of asphalt shingles, slate shingles, wood roof shingles, laminate shingles, fiberglass shingles, solar roof shingles, composite shingles, composite plastic roof shingles, rubber roof shingles, architectural shingles,… Read More

What To Do After a Hailstorm Damages Your Property

The durability of your home’s exterior and roof are made to withstand the elements and most moderate temperature fluctuations. However, in areas where turbulent weather such as severe thunderstorms or tornadoes commonly occur, it’s possible that your roof can become damaged. One major contributor to roof damage during severe weather is damage from hailstones. If… Read More

A Checklist to Keep Your Roof Good as New

Roofing repairs and maintenance are some of the most costly services faced by homeowners, and often require the assistance of professional roofers. Preemptive measures in the form of regular inspection, conducted professionally or by the homeowner, can save a great deal of money and time, and can guarantee the maximal lifespan of a home’s roof.… Read More

Exploring the 4 Most Common Roofing Materials

Installing new roof with nail gun and shingles

A fundamental aspect of property value and structural integrity is the construction and composition of a home’s roof. Roofing repairs can be costly when damage is extensive or the materials used were of a low quality. Roof Worx offers a myriad of roofing services and materials to ensure that the job gets done right. The… Read More

Denver Roofing Repairs – Venting

Roof Worx repair technicians are experts in fixing your Denver roof.  We can diagnose the most complete roofing system problems from insulation, roof venting, leaks, flashing and more.  Call your Denver roof repair company experts for all your roofing repair needs. Call Roof Worx today, your Denver roofing company, at (303) 353-1825 to schedule a FREE inspection and estimate… Read More

Denver Roofing Repair – Improper Step Flashing

In our industry sometimes we run into repair scenarios due to improper installation from our competitors. A new roof is a great thing and adds many benefits to your home aesthetically and reduces the risk of leaking if installed properly. Shown in this picture is shiny brand new flashing from a Denver roof that was… Read More