Free Roof Inspection

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Free Roof Inspections in Denver, Loveland and Fort CollinsAfter a sever storm it is important to have your roof and property inspected by a professional before calling your insurance company.  Insurance companies track all claims that you report even if the result in no claim.  The sooner you have a free roof inspection for roof hail damage, the sooner

CAI Spring Trade Show – Roof Worx

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Come See Roof Worx at the CAI-RMC Spring Trade Show. ASK US ABOUT OUR ACAP PROGRAM A rchitectural C ommittee A ssistance P rogram WHAT ROOF WORX DOES FOR YOU Gather all pre-qualified material lists and pre-approved colors Gather all necessary forms for submittal to committee/management Individually inspect each HOA members’, ENTIRE property, including all

Denver Roofers Encounter Multiple Layers of Shingles

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Roof Worx provides all types of Roof Hail Damage Assistance include Hail Claim Assistance with your insurance company. When we inspect a Denver roof for a possible insurance claim, we look at all factors affecting a roof hail damage claim. In this recent inspection, we identified hail damage as well as multiple layers of shingles

Denver Roofing Repairs – Venting

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Roof Worx repair technicians are experts in fixing your Denver roof.  We can diagnose the most complete roofing system problems from insulation, roof venting, leaks, flashing and more.  Call your Denver roof repair company experts for all your roofing repair needs. Call Roof Worx today, your Denver roofing company, at (303) 353-1825 to schedule a FREE inspection and estimate

Roof Replacement Required – Roofing Denver Homes

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As a Denver roofing company, Roof Worx see's many different issues with Denver roof.  In the picture in this block, we inspected a roof that had old organic 3-tab shingles than needed replacement.  Call Roof Worx for your free Denver Roofing inspection and quote. In addition to organic shingles, this roof had failing and missing

Cedar Shake Roof Replacement – Denver Roofing

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Denver Cedar Shake Roofing system are a beautiful roof that is currently loosing popularity because the shingles low fire resistance. There are a few types of Cedar Shake Roofing Shingles that are on the market to this day and they tend to hold up to storm damage well but do fail when the roof is

Denver Roofing Repair – Improper Step Flashing

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In our industry sometimes we run into repair scenarios due to improper installation from our competitors. A new roof is a great thing and adds many benefits to your home aesthetically and reduces the risk of leaking if installed properly. Shown in this picture is shiny brand new flashing from a Denver roof that was

Roofing Denver Homes – Major Hail Storm

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On September 29 a major hails storm passed through the city of Denver.  Our phones started ringing immediately following the storm for free hail damage roof assessments.  Call Roof Worx before you call your insurance company and we will inspect your Denver Roof and property for hail damage.  If you are unfortunate to have sustained damage,