Your Insurance Adjuster Is In Denial

March 12, 2019

Got Roof Damage On Your Denver Home?
Your Insurance Adjuster May Be In Denial

Your Denver home’s roof was damaged in a hail storm but your insurance claims adjuster says that they didn’t find any damage. Or maybe they don’t want to pay and are claiming that the damage is due to delayed maintenance or some other past event that is not covered. No matter what the details are, the fact is that you and your insurance company are now at odds about repairing your roof. Somehow, a game of rock-paper-scissors doesn’t seem likely to solve the disagreement.

Our HAAG certified roof inspectors have specialized training that qualifies him to expertly evaluate the damage on a roof and present it to the insurance adjuster. As with a diagnosis from your doctor, you are entitled to ask for a second opinion with a different insurance claims adjuster from the same company. By having our HAAG certified roof inspector meet at the same time that the adjuster comes out, the evidence can be presented and evaluated by both parties so that a resolution is reached.

If a second opinion still hasn’t allowed both parties to come to agreement, then it is time to invoke the Appraisal Clause. The Appraisal Clause is part of the insurance contract and it exists specifically to resolve situations like this. In the event that the Appraisal Clause is invoked, then the insurance company and you will each select an appraiser. Both appraisers will select an umpire together, and if no umpire is agreed to then a judge will make the choice. The appraisers will then each submit their written reports of the loss to the insurance company. If the reports don’t agree then they will submit the differences to the umpire who will make a decision that is binding on all parties.

Customer service is an important component of our Prescription for Quality here at Roof Worx. If your insurance adjuster is denying your claim and you disagree with their assessment, give us a call. We will help every step of the way to assist you in obtaining the best outcome for you and the health of your roof. 

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