When Her HOA Was Giving Her Grief, We Had Our Customer’s Back

January 26, 2024
Case Study

Her Insurance Agent Recommended Us And
Her HOA Challenged Us – How’d It Go?

We Stuck With This Family Through Months Of
Red Tape To Ensure Everything Was Perfect

Here in Boulder County, when it comes time for professional residential roof replacement, there are two bureaucracies that can add time, tons of red tape, and headaches to the process:

  1. Home Insurance Companies
  2. Homeowners Associations

At Roof Worx, over the decades we’ve become incredibly efficient at dealing with them, WHILE ensuring you have the best overall service experience possible. And we need to ensure you get the best new roofing system possible as well!

Now, usually, it goes relatively smoothly. That’s a fact. But every once in a while, those two organizations can really get in the way. In the following review taken from our BBB Profile (currently A+ rated after 24+ years in business), we’ll take a closer look from the homeowner’s perspective.


A Roof Replacement Review
From Homeowner Mary, M.

My insurance agent recommended Roof Worx as they had prior positive experiences with them. I’m so glad I asked for this recommendation. The company was outstanding from start to finish.

When you learn more about us and dig into our company’s rich history, you’ll see we’ve been around a long, long time. So, we have long-standing relationships with the insurance companies in the area.

When storms pass through, local agents know who has the most experience with emergency/general storm and hail damage in Boulder County.

My project manager was very knowledgeable. He spent a great deal of time with me, offering options and advice. Bringing samples to my home helped me visualize the options, colors, and the completed project. Answering my questions, explaining roofing jargon, warranties, roofing, and city inspection procedures, and answering my many calls and emails must have tried his patience. But he was such a good teacher and always willing to help me understand and be comfortable with every aspect of the process.”

That right there is one of the core differences between a serious roofing company like ours and the fly-by-nighters who lack experience – expert consultations!

When you work with Roof Worx, you enjoy what we like to call “Gray-Hair Professionalism.” Of course, we’ll give you all the time you need, answer all your questions, and educate you, rather than just try and sell you a ‘quick & dirty’ replacement roofing system.

My homeowners association was an obstacle because I wanted to make a small color change to the shingles. I had a great deal of frustration with their delay in reviewing my request and amazement at their questions. Roof Worx stuck with me assisting in answering questions and talking to one of the board members. It was two months before the HOA sent final approval.”

We stuck with Mary and her family. Their roof had been through a lot over the years, and they were depending on us to do everything by the book.

Did she ask for a bit more attention than ‘normal’? Sure, but that’s okay. Everyone at Roof Worx understands that getting better, more versatile roofing products is only part of the process.

I believe other companies would’ve asked me to find someone else to re-roof my home. Not every roofing company would’ve had the owner come to my home to review the progress and quality of work. Roof Worx did. The entire crew was both polite and hard-working. In addition, they were punctual and experienced. Landscaping was protected by tarps. The cleanup was better than anything that I’ve seen before. I’m totally satisfied with my new roof. I highly recommend them!

It’s true.

Far too many Boulder County roofing companies treat people poorly. Why?

A lack of industry experience, no real Boulder County reputation to uphold, and they’re focused on quick, bang-up jobs selling cheap systems and cheap labor for high ticket prices.

Roof Worx is quite literally the polar opposite. We’re focused on our Core Values, as Mary and her wonderful family found out.

Need To Ensure Your Roofing Project
Goes Off Without A Hitch?

If you live in the Boulder County area, and you need a roofer you can rely on to be there with you through the red tape and dealing with players involved…Roof Worx has your back. Reach out and schedule an informative consultation or ask questions, and let’s get your project moving (especially if you need professional roof repair services). We look forward to meeting you!

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