What Our GAF Master Elite Status Means For You

April 16, 2024

Only 1-2% Of Roof Installers Qualify For GAF
Master Elite Status – We’re One Of Them

If You Want The BEST Materials, Craftsmanship,
AND Warranty, Choose A Master Elite Installer

We’re GAF Master Elite installers, a status very few roofers can claim.

You see, GAF is the gold standard for residential roof replacement. From their shingles to their leak barriers, ALL of their products are manufactured to near perfection and last significantly longer than the average roofing product.

As a result, roofing installers LOVE to throw out the “GAF Certified” status… with good reason.

GAF Master Elite Status Is Incredibly Difficult To Earn

Did you know that there are different levels of GAF certifications? And with each certification level comes a different warranty? Namely, there are:

  • Authorized Contractors – They generally understand how to install according to GAF requirements, but they may have yet to prove the ability to do so with the highest quality possible.
  • Certified™ Contractors – They have demonstrated more reliable results than an authorized contractor. However, they haven’t satisfied the stringent requirements to become a Master Elite Contractor.
  • Master Elite™ Contractors – They maintain a (nearly) perfect BBB rating, consistently pass all GAF project reviews, and maintain a reputable status. They also gain access to GAF’s remarkable Golden Pledge Warranty.

In other words, there’s a HUGE difference between an Authorized Contractor and a roofer who has maintained GAF Master Elite status for YEARS, such as Roof Worx. In fact, only 1-2% of roofers in Colorado qualify for “Master Elite” status.

With Our GAF Master Elite Installers, You Know
You’re Getting PROVEN Craftsmanship

So, why do so few roofers qualify for GAF Master Elite status? Well, quite simply, because it’s HARD to qualify. You have to be dang-near perfect to receive top-notch status.

Notably, you must maintain an impeccable local reputation, follow ALL manufacturing guidelines, AND pass all regular inspections (performed by GAF). If they find a flaw, the odds are you won’t receive Master Elite status.

For example:

  • If the roofing installer doesn’t meet ALL legal requirements, they won’t qualify.
  • If they find out the roofing installer has numerous poor reviews or a poor BBB rating, they won’t qualify.
  • If an inspector finds out that the roofing installer used less than four nails per shingle, they likely won’t qualify.

More than that, you have to maintain the GAF Master Elite status AFTER you earn it. If your company gets lackadaisical and sees its performance suffer, the status can quickly be removed.

We say all that to say this – you will receive nothing short of the BEST craftsmanship from our GAF Master Elite installers. They don’t cut corners, and they ensure your 110% satisfaction – always. And our impeccable reviews are a testament to our commitment to doing things the RIGHT way.

Roof Worx Proudly Offers YOU The Unbeatable
Golden Pledge Warranty

GAF’s Golden Pledge Warranty is the BEST roof system and protection you’ll find in the entire roofing industry. It actually helps you sleep at night because you KNOW your roof isn’t just strong – it’s FULLY covered.

And we mean the whole nine yards. Here is what you get with the GAF’s Golden Pledge Residential Warranty:

  • A complete roof system with premium GAF components
  • The Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval
  • Up to 30 years of workmanship coverage for your roof
  • 50 years of non-prorated coverage on material defects (including shingles)

This warranty is available ONLY for Master Elite installers. If you hire a GAF-certified roof installer who doesn’t have Master Elite status, you won’t receive this level of coverage.

But the good news? We’re GAF Master Elite installers and offer our clients the Golden Pledge warranty.

GAF trusts us. They know we install according to GAF’s exact specifications. As a result, they also know your roof will last a long, long time.

In other words, they aren’t afraid to offer such a generous warranty. After all, they don’t believe you’ll ever have to use it.

If you want a GAF Master Elite installer in Colorado to perform your residential, commercial, or multi-family roof replacement, then contact us today for a free quote.

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