What Are F-Wave Shingles And Are They Worth It?

May 8, 2024

What Are F-Wave Shingles For Roofing And
What Are The Benefits In Arvada, CO?

One Of The Most Durable Roofing Systems
That Can Withstand Almost Anything

One of the best roofing systems in Arvada, CO is F-Wave shingles. The innovative, solid shingles have the highest fire and impact ratings in the roofing industry. These systems are built to last through anything Colorado throws at them.

Roof Worx is an F-Wave roofer who has been working on roofs in the Jefferson County area since 1999. We offer many roofing options, and one of our favorites is F-Wave shingles, which have incredible ratings. The F-Wave line of roofing looks fantastic and provides an array of benefits.

What Are F-Wave Shingles Made Of?

F-Wave shingles are crafted from high-performance polymers and synthetic rubber. The blend and manufacturing process are patent-protected by F-Wave, so you can’t officially get the roofing anywhere else.

The shingles are solid without granules, so you don’t have to worry about them degrading or loose pieces falling off. Their solid structure also ensures they have ultimate tear strength, which means they are extremely resistant to stress.

F-Wave Roofing Has A Class IV Impact Rating

F-Wave shingles have a Class IV impact rating, the highest rating in the roofing industry. This means that they are specially designed and guaranteed to be hail-resistant. Since Colorado is one of the most hail-prone states in the US, this incredible quality is remarkably beneficial for the people of Arvada, CO.

During a hailstorm, the shingles stay solid without cracking or tearing. Afterward, they self-heal with a unique technology. So, if the shingles are scuffed, they can ‘heal’ as if nothing ever happened.

The shingles heal because they are made from virgin raw materials and always want to go back to the shape they were when first manufactured. All it takes is a little heat from the sun.

UV-Resistance Means That Your
Roofing System Will Never Fade

F-Wave roofing is treated with a protective coating that makes it UV-resistant. This process ensures that the shingles reflect heat rather than absorb it.

Due to their resistance to heat from the sun’s rays, they are highly unlikely to fade over time. So, even if you choose black or dark red, which are usually prone to fading, you can rest assured that your roofing by F-Wave will age beautifully.

This Type Of Roofing Can Withstand High Winds

One of the most difficult things for roofing materials to ward against is high winds, but F-wave shingles easily do. The ability to withstand such high wind pressures is one of these shingles’ most significant selling points.

F-Wave roofing doesn’t peel off or wear down under wind pressure. It is tested to withstand winds of up to 150 mph, a speed that has never been officially recorded in Colorado history. Even winds of 130mph, which the warranty covers, are incredibly rare in the Jefferson County area.

F-Wave Shingles Have A Class A Fire Rating

F-Wave shingles are fire-resistant and have a Class A rating, the highest possible rating for roofing materials. Class A roofing systems undergo many tests to ensure they deserve the stamp of approval.

They undergo intermittent flame exposure tests, the spread of flame tests, burning brand tests, and flying brand tests. These tests check the roof’s ability to withstand gas flames, strong air currents, and extremely high temperatures. F-Wave shingles pass every test with flying colors.

You Can Customize Your F-Wave Roofing
System For The Jefferson County Area

There are four primary types of F-Wave shingles, with more likely in the future. The Designer Slate shingles come in two different series, each with multiple color options. The American Blends is rectangular, while the Estates Series is hexagonal.

Then there are more unique options, such as Hand-Split, which mimics wood, and Classic Slate, which mimics real solid slate. Every option is beautiful and comes with all the great benefits of F-Wave shingles.

F-Wave Synthetic Shingles Come
With A 50-Year Warranty

A 50-year warranty is one of the best that the roofing industry offers. F-Wave and Roof Worx believe in the durability of strong F-Wave shingles and their likelihood of lasting 50 years or more.

Though other companies claim to have long warranties, F-Wave is one of the few companies that offers a real 50-year warranty and stands by its promises. There are a few exceptions, such as hail size, but it even comes with a real warranty for hail impacts.

To receive the full benefits of your F-Wave warranty, you must have a professional roofer install your new shingles. If you hire a qualified roofer, you can register the warranty to ensure you are fully covered.

Roof Worx provides durable and gorgeous F-Wave shingles to Arvada, CO. We install this top-of-the-line roofing with exceptional care. To learn more about our F-Wave roofing, call us today at 970-364-2390 for your free estimate.

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