We’ve Won Hearts And Changed Minds

March 24, 2024

Job After Job – We Win Our
Clients’ Hearts And Minds

All It Takes Is To Never Ever
Forget WE Work For YOU

The residential, commercial, and multifamily roofing business can be a struggle. For one thing, we often encounter customers who are suspicious of our claims, leery of our integrity, and concerned that we might overcharge them.

Why the mistrust?

Because they’ve had unfortunate experiences with roofers, remodelers, and builders in the past.

Although we’ve been in business successfully for decades, we’ve had to change these clients’ expectations about us before we could start to win their hearts. Eventually, we do win their hearts, and we’ve been blessed with a sterling reputation because of it.

How did we do it?

We Just Kept Plugging Away And
Treating Customers Right

It took us decades of performing remodeling miracles to establish our name as the team that delivers “quality first, last, and always.”

But little by little, project by project, we managed to carve out a favorable niche in the local roofing industry. Now, we’re recognized as honest, professional, and reputable craftsmen who have your best interests at heart.

It wasn’t easy, but we were committed to success. We never took our eyes off the prize, and we never compromised our core values.

Our Guiding Principles

In fact, it was largely by adhering to our core values that we were able to garner such an avid following. These time-tested principles have kept us on the straight and narrow, which our customers love about us. Our core values include the following:

  • Trust – We do everything we can to earn your trust. We behave openly and honestly in every encounter and do what we say when we say it’ll be done.
  • Integrity – We behave with integrity at all times. We provide a hard day’s work for a fair price, never take advantage of you, and never use shady or high-pressure sales tactics.
  • Teamwork – We work as a team because the whole is greater than the sum of our parts. Our crew has each other’s backs to catch and fix mistakes before they reach you.
  • Accountability – We never point fingers or try to assign blame. Instead, if something goes wrong, we own up to it, take responsibility, and fix it as soon as possible.

Our guiding principles have been steering us since the beginning and are now a part of us down to the cellular level.

Right The First Time

We design our processes to be smooth, stress-free, and accurate. Because of this, we are able to do roofing right the first time.

Since we work as a team, we always have multiple eyes on each step of the project. If someone makes a mistake, one of our other roofing experts will surely spot it, so it will never reach you.

We never use less than the best possible products and materials, so your roof or exterior renovations will remain robust, attractive, and effective for decades or longer.

And we install everything by the book. We don’t deviate out of convenience, cut corners to save time, or use fewer nails to save money or effort. EVERYTHING gets installed exactly as it should be, and you get a unique roofing solution.

You’re Always Up To Date

Many of our clients like to be part of the home improvement process.

That’s why we always keep you informed – so you know exactly how your project is progressing. We alert you at every step of the process, answer any questions you have, and welcome your input at any stage.

We are happy to use your preferred method of communication, whether it’s text messaging, email, or voice calls. Just let us know what you like best.

So, if you want roof repair or replacement from a highly regarded local roofing contractor, contact us at Roof Worx in the Colorado Front Range to request a free estimate today.

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