We Saved Her Storm-Damaged Roof After Her Insurance Bailed On Her!

January 29, 2024
Case Study

Roof Worx Swooped In To Help Her After Her
Insurance Company Tried To Back Out

Despite Her Roof Taking Heavy Wind Damage
Insurance Just Said, “Tack Down Some Shingles…”

At Roof Worx, we work with home and business owners across the Colorado Front Range & Denver Metro areas where storm damage is far more common than in other areas of the country. It’s par for the course around here.

And we’ve been at it for decades, so helping people deal with common wind/hail storm damage is something we specialize in.

How does Our Smooth Process usually go?

Let’s take a look at how Roof Worx came to the rescue for this Northglenn family when their roof sustained heavy wind damage after a storm system passed through.

Part 1

Reaching Out And Getting The Run-Around

“We sustained wind damage on our Northglenn home. I called my insurance company, and they sent out a company that said I needed a new roof. Then the insurance company disagreed with that opinion and said, ‘Just tack down some shingles, and your roof’s oldanyway.’ So, I called Roofworx for a second opinion.”

When an insurance company tries to give you the run-around, it’s nice to have professionals on your side whom you can call and who will advocate for you. Roof Worx has done this a thousand times. We know exactly what to do.

Part 2

Roof Worx Comes In And Sets The Record Straight

“They came right out and checked our roof by walking it and by drone and agreed that it needed to be replaced. Then they offered to meet with our insurance company adjuster. They walked the roof together, and lo and behold…we needed a new roof, and our insurance would pay for it.”

Nothing’s going to squeak by our inspections. As roofing specialists with decades of history in our rearview mirror, we know how to spot the signs that roof replacement is warranted. And we know how to document them and talk shop with insurance adjusters.

Part 3

Install Quality Materials The RIGHT Way

“Roofworx used quality GAF materials, tore off and hauled away the old roof, and installed a quality new roof on our home in one 11.5 hour day. It passed inspection with no problem, and the best part — I paid my deductible, and insurance paid the rest. We’d not hesitate to use Thornton Roof Worx again and recommend them without reservation.”

You bet! The motto around Roof Worx is Better, Versatile Products, and nothing less. It’s situational, though, which is why we specialize in a variety of the most common roofing materials – not just GAF shingle. This gives us the ability to install the best possible system for your home, your tastes, and your budgeting.

And that’s the gist of your average roofing project when we have to come in and set the record straight with insurance companies. Here in the Colorado Front Range, it’s an extremely common occurrence after storm systems pass through. We’ve got hundreds of 5-star reviews that sound pretty much just like this one.

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