We Constantly IMPROVE At Roof Worx

April 26, 2024

Our Constant Improvement Is Intentional

Learning, Active Listening, And Experience
Help Us Get Better Every Single Day

At Roof Worx, we’ve grown FAST. We started with one small office and a dedicated team of just a few employees.

Since then, we’ve grown substantially. We now have multiple locations in the Colorado Front Range, and our service areas have expanded GREATLY.

As you might imagine, many companies in our position may become “stuck in their ways.” That is to say, learning and constant improvement may not be as important. After all, what we do seems to work… so why change it?

But at Roof Worx, we’re smart enough to know that we’re not THAT smart. We don’t have ALL of the answers, and we’re never too good to get better.

So, we learn, learn, and learn some more.

And the result?

Our roofing services keep getting BETTER. Our residential, commercial, and multi-family roofing services are way better than when we started in ‘99, and we have no doubt they’ll be even better in 10 years.

We Constantly Learn

You have to WANT to learn before you CAN learn. So, we hire roofers who are willing to be “students” – roofers who love what they do and want to improve.

And it’s their willingness to learn, combined with their developed skillset, that makes them great roof installers.

After we hire a new roofing tech who WANTS to learn, we train them. And then we train them. And then we train them some more.

We don’t believe in putting a roofing tech in a position to fail – we want them only to succeed. That’s why we provide them with the oversight they need as they learn – a “safety net,” so to speak. On each project, the project manager sticks around to ensure great results.

All the while, our newer techs – and even our seasoned techs and project managers – learn from one another and improve.


Above all, our roofing technicians learn to LISTEN to you. As skilled as we are as a roofing team, we don’t have all of the answers… not even close.

Why not?

Well, your roof is unique, and we don’t craft cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all exterior remodeling solutions. Instead, we listen to you and do our best to create YOUR perfect roof. And we can only do that when we actively listen.

More than that, we listen to your feedback. We take our reviews seriously, and we read each one of them closely. If you have any issues after installation, just let us know. We’ll fix it until you’re 110% satisfied.

We Draw From Our Experience

Experience is powerful.

After 20 years in the roofing industry, you pick up a thing or two. But, at the end of the day, you can learn only from your experience and improve IF you try.

So, at Roof Worx, we reflect on our experiences and develop ways to improve.

For example, after inspecting hundreds upon hundreds of roofs, we’ve learned how to determine just about all that will go into a roofing project. We can usually detect mold. If the attic ventilation isn’t optimal, we know how to fix it.

And this leads to accurate quotes.

We reduce surprises – changes to your quote are incredibly rare. It’s a safe bet that your price will not change once we start the work, with the price you see being the price you pay.

And this learning from experience shows up everywhere.

Our meticulous, well-developed cleanup processes ensure no nails are left behind. Our deep understanding of manufacturing guidelines ensures your warranty remains intact. We have greatly improved the customer experience over the decades in business.

If you need a roof replacement in Colorado and want an experienced roofer who continues getting better, contact Roof Worx today for a free and accurate quote.

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