These Two Reviews Say Everything

October 8, 2023

These Two Reviews Say It ALL About Our Front
Range Roofing & Exterior Remodeling Services

See What Two Local Families Experienced
Working With The Roof Worx Team

While any Colorado Front Range contractor can say just about anything they want to you, we like to back what we say with proof – in this case, real customer reviews. Of which, we have hundreds and hundreds.

Today, let’s look at two of our more recent customer reviews from two families that needed both roofing and gutter work done. They hit on points that most people feel are VERY important.

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Special Customer Review #1: From MaryKay H

For: Tile Roof Replacement & Full Gutter Replacement Services

This first review from MaryKay highlights a couple of things that are very important about both our approach to roofing and exterior remodeling and our process. What’s nice is that, like most of the folks we work with, she and her family had done their homework.

“I spent weeks researching for the right company for our tile roof replacement, and after many on-site interviews and cringy pitches, we finally found RoofWorx. They were professional, courteous, and responsive from start to finish.”

Notice she starts off focusing on how we treated her. Not a peep about pricing, although she did call the pitches she got before ours…cringy. Our difference is that we’re not into pressure sales. Folks in the Colorado Front Range keep us plenty busy (not to mention our storm seasons).

Instead, we base Our Smooth Process on service. It’s about connecting people with help and quality solutions when they and their homes and businesses need them.

“They advised us to consider F-Wave, a high-rated, hail-resisted composite shingle that looks like slate and that reduced our insurance premium as a bonus.”

This is one of the perks of our wide range of Better, Versatile Products. We don’t just install this one kind of roofing or that one special Exterior Remodeling product line (windows, gutters, painting, HVAC, etc.).

We work with customers, their goals, and their budgets to get the absolute most value possible at the best possible price. This is why folks like MaryKay tend to hire us for more than one project.

“We also replaced all gutters at the same time as the roof, and when we had an issue 18 months later with one of the gutters, they came right out and fixed it – no charge. In a world with too many scammy, fly-by-night roofing companies, RoofWorx is a company you can depend on.”

What an incredible compliment! We’ll take it. We’ve bent over backward over the years to be that go-to contractor that families around here can depend on.

Special Customer Review #2: From Katrina, J.

For: Full Roof Replacement With Insurance Claim

Katrina and her family were in a different situation. It was their first time really improving their new home. As such, they required some extra TLC that more experienced homeowners don’t typically need.

“Roof Worx was such an amazing company to work with. This was my first time getting my roof replaced, and I couldn’t ask for a better experience. They made sure to answer any questions I had and always called or emailed me with any updates on the roof. For the roof, we worked with my insurance, and it was amazing working with them as they always kept me in the loop.”

Our History in this industry goes back to 1999 and then some. This means we have VAST, seasoned experience working with insurance claims. For homeowners, especially those who’ve never filed a claim before, our process can be a godsend.

“If you’re considering going with Roof Worx, I highly recommend it. The price estimate we got was spot on with the insurance, the installation was all done in one day and looks absolutely amazing. When meeting with Roof Worxs after other roofing companies, they were the only ones to show me proof of insurance, which is what made me very comfortable working with them.”

While we can’t promise every roofing project is going to happen in one day or go as smoothly, it’s definitely a calling card of ours. From A to Z, we’ve really ironed out a process that gets what you need done, when you need it done, at the price you need it done at.

We call it Gray-Haired Professionalism.

“All and all, I couldn’t have asked for a better experience with the company or our Project Manager. I would 10/10 recommend Roof Worx!”

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