The Strangest Roof We Have Seen In Over 40 years

June 15, 2021

This Is The Strangest Roof We Have Seen
In Over 40 Years In The Industry

Just When We Thought We Had Seen It All,
Joe’s Roof Threw Us For A Serious Loop

As roofers with over 40 years of experience, we have seen and worked on almost every type of roof. And most of the time, replacing a roof on a home or business is a standard operation.

We rip away the old roof and other compromised components, like the insulation and underlayments, then bring the entire roofing system up to code with beautiful workmanship.

But every once in a while, we come across a roof that shocks even us — Boulder’s leading roofing veterans. And the reason behind the shocking condition of a roof is almost always the same: Fly-by-night roofers’ incredibly substandard work.

The roofing industry can be finicky. Shady roofers who are just after another paycheck ignore building codes, proper processes, permit requirements, and more.

At this point, we always try to expect the unexpected. But nothing could have prepared us for what was about to unfold on this particular day in Boulder.

We Knew Right Away That Something Wasn’t Right

This roof repair job started like most others. A hailstorm had recently swept through the area, and we began receiving calls from homeowners who needed their roofs repaired or, at the very least, inspected for damage.

This specific homeowner, we can call him Joe, inquired about having us inspect his standing seam metal roof. Since he could visibly see the damage caused by the recent hail storm, we were pretty confident the best solution for Joe’s home would be simple repairs to the existing roof.

Nevertheless, we showed up at Joe’s house ready to start from square one and thoroughly investigate his roofing system as a whole to identify if and where the damage had occurred.

Joe was right, of course — there was visible damage to his roof from the hailstones.

But that wasn’t the only thing that caught our eye the second we pulled into his driveway. When you think of the classic residential home with a chimney, you imagine the chimney jutting out of the roof by at least a few feet. Well, with Joe’s house, his roof was almost entirely level and flush with his chimney.

So, What’s The Big Deal Anyway?

As you can imagine, the chimney emits substantial heat that can quickly burn or even catch fire to vital parts of a roofing system. Although Joe’s roof was metal, his entire home was at risk. But the question remained, why was the roof so high in the first place?

Shockingly, upon further review, it became quite apparent that Joe had TWO roofs on his home. And when it comes to roofs, one is always enough. Not only was his roof severely beneath the standards for the county building codes, but we were stumped as to how it lasted as long as it did.

It turns out that beneath the standing seam roof was a mixture of tar and gravel, making up a makeshift ‘roof’ that the previous roofer failed to remove before installing the new one. This may seem like the con of the century, but this type of malpractice happens every day.

Shoddy roofers will try and save time and money by cutting corners as they did on Joe’s house, so it’s imperative to find a trusted group of roofers with a reputation for caring for their customers. If we hadn’t inspected the inner workings of the roofing system, we would have never found the more significant issue.

How We Handled Joe’s Crazy-Looking Roof

For starters, we knew we would have to break down Joe’s current roof down to the original decking and start fresh again. Not only to meet building codes but to ensure that every aspect of the roofing system is in tip-top shape. We upgraded the roof with better insulation to help Joe save a little money on energy costs throughout the year.

Then, we replaced the hail-stricken roof with a brand-new standing seam metal roof designed to last a lifetime. By the time we finished, Joe’s home not only functioned like the rest in his neighborhood, but it finally looked the way it should.

We were able to add another 10 inches of space between his chimney and his roof to ensure even the hottest of fires wouldn’t compromise his home. When we take on a roofing job, we go above and beyond ‘standards’ and ‘codes’ to deliver the absolute best product available.

While our senior project manager was surely stumped initially, we found a long-lasting solution for Joe’s home that was worth his time and investment.

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