The Roof Worx Roof Replacement Experience

October 8, 2023

What’s Roof Replacement Is Like With
Roof Worx? These Reviews Will Fill You In

See What 5-Star Front Range Roof Service Looks Like

Most folks in the Colorado Front Range or otherwise only go through serious Roof Replacement once or maybe twice in a lifetime. This means that unless you have a direct referral from family, friends, or coworkers, you really don’t know what it’s going to be like from one “roofer” to the next.

Since 1999, Roof Wox has been building our solid local reputation, but that doesn’t mean you’ve heard of us. And even if you have, you can HEAR all you want without really knowing what to expect.

So, today, let’s go through two reviews of ours (we’re working on 1,000) that will tell you a ton. These are genuine homeowners who trusted us with their roof replacement needs, and this is what they had to say.

Review #1: Inspections, Working With Insurance & Re-Roofing

Al And His Family Were Abandoned By Their Previous Roofer…

Can you imagine what it would be like to be abandoned by the roofer you put your trust in when you need them most? That’s exactly what this family experienced.

“I’d recommend Roof Worx in Thornton for your roofing needs. We suspected we had damage from a hail storm, and when a roofing company offered to inspect our roof and engage our insurance company, we agreed. However, the insurance company’s initial inspection only acknowledged damage to a few shingles, and our roofing company abandoned us.”

Why do you think they took off? Could it be that they were only seeing dollar signs instead of people, and when those dollar signs weren’t easy to get, they simply went on to the next family? Horrible.

This is the kind of behavior that we can NOT stand. It happens too often. With Roof Worx, you’re going to be taken care of whether we end up replacing your roof or not – we take care of our Local Front Range Reputation.

“I noticed that Roof Worx had been doing work in our community, and I reached out to them. Their rep came out and inspected our roof and felt we needed to request a reinspection of the roof. From that point, Roof Worx worked directly with our insurance company and was able to get them to completely cover the cost of replacing the roof on our house and barn.”

The moment they gave us a call, we were dialed in. Our roof specialist spotted what was going on right away, and our process makes it much smoother working with insurance companies (something we’re extremely accustomed to).

“We did our research into Roof Worx and discovered they’re an experienced GAF Factory-Certified Contractor. We were very happy with the workmanship and enjoyed working with them. Their crew completed the tear-off and replacement of both roofs in two days. They laid down tarps and spent a great deal of time cleaning up. Once work was complete, they provided us with a copy of the roof warranty from the manufacturer.”

Not one roof replacement, but two. And our Practiced, Done-Right-The-First-Time Workmanship is something we take extremely seriously. Behind being factory-certified, we have decades of doing this work properly, down to the finest detail.

Review #2: Hailstorm Roof Replacement Rescue

Ensuring Lyndsay’s Family Got ALL The Repairs They Needed…

Along with our Smooth Process and skilled roofing crews, our ability to handle and deal with insurance companies is a HUGE benefit for our customers in the Front Range region. We’re focused on getting our customers everything they deserve!

“After a recent hailstorm, RoofWorx came out and inspected our roof to help us determine the amount of damage. He returned to our residence when the insurance company came out to do their assessment of the damage. The insurance company used a drone to inspect and didn’t find all of the damage that they found, so he insisted they go up and take a closer look.”

Shocking…the insurance company didn’t manage to find all the damage we did. This is because our inspections are professional and detailed, and we’ve got it down pat! We advocate for our customers rather than try and stiff them with roof damage they have to handle out of pocket.

“With their help and in-depth knowledge about insurance policies, they made sure that we got the repairs we needed and were entitled to. RoofWorx came and replaced the roof right away! They did great work, were very respectful, and did a fantastic job cleaning up when they were done.”

Advocating for their family – check. Ensuring they got what they were entitled to – check. Got the roof replacement work done flawlessly – check. Cleaned up and respected the home without question – check.

From one step to another, the Roof Worx handles roofing the way it should be handled. Around here, we call that Gray-Hair Professionalism.

“Our Roof Worx rep personally came out to make sure that we were happy with the new roof and all our questions were answered. We’d highly recommend them – they were impressively knowledgeable about their products and insurance policies and amazing at communicating through every step!”

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