What You Need To Know About The Consumer Protection/Roofing Bill

October 14, 2021

The Consumer-Protection Roofing Bill: What You
Denver Homeowners Need To Know About It

The Consumer Protection/Roofing Bill was signed into Colorado law by Governor Hickenlooper on June 6, 2012, and it includes many changes to industry business practices that homeowners need to know about before selecting a roofing contractor. These changes are particularly timely for property owners in Parker, Aurora, Denver, Castle Rock, Ft. Morgan, Colorado Springs, Eaton and Alton who were affected by the hail storm which ensued that same night.

First, there is no longer any way for a roofing contractor to pay, waive, or rebate an insurance deductible for the homeowner. Any roofing contractor who advertises or offers to do so is breaking the law.

Second, all payments from the property owner need to be held in a trust account until materials have been delivered to the jobsite or a majority of the roofing work has been performed.

Third, roofing contractors need to provide several items of information to you, the homeowner, including: identification of their surety & liability insurance provider, approximate dates of service, scope of work and materials to be provided, cost, and contact information.

Fourth, you have the right to rescind a contract within 72 hours and have any money you have paid as a downpayment returned to you within 10 days of the rescission.

If you are interested in more information about the new law, check out the Colorado Roofing Association’s Factsheet at https://assets.noviams.com/novi-file-uploads/cra/pdfs-and-documents/SB38_RESIDENTIAL_ROOFING_BILL_OF_RIGHTS.pdf. Our Roofing Experts are also happy to discuss the law and what it means for you when they evaluate your roof using our free 14-point inspection.

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