Warning Signs Of A Shady Roofer

August 10, 2019

Warning Signs To Look Out For When Choosing
A Denver Roofing Company

Let’s look at the characteristics of a bad Denver roofing contractor. Brace yourself as we prepare to descend into the depths of the dark side of the human soul, to a place where greed overcomes empathy, irresponsibility tramples dreams, and broken promises unleash storms of miserable tears and huge financial losses.

Like a mountain lion in deer’s clothing, the Bad Denver roofing contractor will do his best to appear like a Good Denver roofing contractor. However, also like the mountain lion, he can’t keep the charade up for long and there are definitely tell-tale signs that one can watch for.

High Pressure Sales Tactics & Lack Of Stability

High pressure sales tactics and anything else that gives you that bad feeling in your gut are signs that the mountain lion is in your midst and wants to make you his next Denver re-roof victim. In addition, the Bad Denver roofing contractors won’t have many of the signs of stability and contributions to the community that the Good Denver roofing contractor has.

For example, many fly-by-night operations don’t have a local office to base their operations from. The phone number listed on the business card might go to a voicemail service instead of a Denver roofing contractor’s phone. Their references might not be legitimate or they might have a bad rating with the Better Business Bureau. They might also go door-to-door with “leftover” materials claiming that they just finished a job down the street and they’ll give you a great deal if you act now. Act by closing the door as quickly as possible!

They Don’t Obey Laws

Bad Denver roofing contractors also aren’t very concerned about obeying the law. Colorado and Wyoming have laws regarding roofing contractors that are designed to protect consumers. Here are a few basics to check on before letting a Denver roofing contractor work on your property:

They Might Not Have A General Contracting License

Even though Colorado and Wyoming don’t require licensing at the state level, there are still many jurisdictions in the Denver Metro Area and Cheyenne that require one. If you use an unlicensed Denver roofing contractor in a jurisdiction that requires a license, you could be opening yourself to serious legal and financial problems if something goes wrong.

They Don’t Have Workers Compensation And General Liability Coverage

If they don’t have coverage, you could be financially liable for any damage done to a worker or property. Also, many Bad Denver roofing contractors will purchase insurance so that they have a Certificate of Insurance to show to prospective customers, but then they will cancel the policies. Call to make sure the policies are still in effect!


A Bad Denver roofing contractor wants to take the money and run, but also make any cases he might get caught for as hard to convict him on as possible, so he’ll try to avoid signing any contracts with you or he’ll give you verbal promises that he doesn’t plan to deliver on. Make sure there aren’t any blank spots that he can later fill in and that you get a copy of the contract after it has been signed by both parties.

They Don’t Obtain Necessary Permits

Permits are required by most Denver roofing jurisdictions, especially for Denver roofing work. If he wants you to pull the permit, therefore take legal responsibility for the quality of the work, or he wants to do it without a permit, you’ll know you are dealing with a Bad Denver roofing contractor.

A Bad Denver roofing contractor might be the lowest bid on your job. This typically indicates that they intend to cut corners or lack experience in the field. They may also ask for large deposits or cash payments. A final payment should never be given until the job is completed and you have approved the work.

They Don’t Pay Their Workers

Finally, a Bad Denver contractor might not pay sub-contractors, thus leaving you vulnerable to a mechanic’s lien. Now that you know the hunting habits of a Bad contractor, you can protect yourself by avoiding them. Check back next week when we’ll discuss steps that you as the Customer can take to proactively find a Good Denver roofing contractor and avoid a Bad Denver Roofer. Until then, walk softly and carry a big stick!

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