That “Low Quote” Could Turn Into A MAJOR Expense

February 10, 2024

That Low Quote Can Hide An Ugly Surprise

If The Price Seems Too Good To Be True – It Is

At Roof Worx, our hope is for your insurance company to cover as much of your roof replacement as possible. We work hard for you to provide your insurance company with all the information needed to cover the claim in full.

But in cases where you’re left covering some (if not all) of the bill, you understandably may look to save money.

And that’s our goal as well – we want you to get the MOST VALUE for your money as possible.

But that doesn’t mean simply accepting the lowest quote. In fact, in many cases, the lowest quote turns out to be your absolute most expensive option.

The Roofer May Not Have A License, Insurance
Policy, Or Certifications You Can Trust

Let’s say insurance won’t cover any of your roof replacement. This is when it REALLY becomes tempting to go with the lowest quote.

However, the lowest quote doesn’t always mean you pay less. If the roofer makes critical mistakes, it could prove far more costly. To avoid this and properly screen each option, ask EVERY roofer (regardless of their price) the following questions:

  • Is the roofer licensed?
  • Are THEY fully insured?
  • How experienced are they?
  • Do they offer a warranty I can trust?
  • What certifications (if any) do they hold?
  • How long have they been in business in the local area?

If you ask these questions and aren’t satisfied with the answers you receive from the roofing company, move on. That is to say, you should listen if your spidey sense is screaming “NO!”

If they’re licensed, insured, experienced, and hold important certifications (i.e. GAF Master Elite), then – and ONLY THEN – should you consider their quote price.

Otherwise, you could end up paying for THEIR mistakes.

Getting What You Pay For – Low-Quality
Materials And Underskilled Workers

Every roofing company must turn a profit. If they use high-quality materials and experienced roofers you can trust AND offer insanely low prices, they’ll go broke.

And you should know that’s NOT what they’re doing. In fact, they’re most often doing the opposite – they’re using low-quality materials and inexperienced “roofers” who are massively underpaid.

Who suffers in this situation?

Well, YOU do. Your roof could eventually fail, and your future insurance claims could be denied if it turns out the roofer skipped important steps and used poor materials.

Now, we don’t tell you this to scare you. But we do want you to be aware of the reality.

The good news?

Roof Worx provides fair and accurate pricing while still using excellent roofers and top-notch materials. What’s more, we personalize your roof according to your wants, your needs, and (most importantly) your budget.

One thing you can trust is that we will install your roof properly on the FIRST try.

A Misleading And Different Scope Of Work

Low quotes often have a misleading scope of work.

For instance, they may say they will use a certain type of material, but then they use another type during the project. In other cases, they may simply omit important information, such as the type of material they intend to use.

In addition to material differences, you may see a different quantity than what is specified in your quote, and certain repairs that are listed in your quote may never be completed.

Not Keeping You In The Loop – Poor Communication
Leads To MAJOR Headaches

The last thing you need is a roofing company that doesn’t answer your call, text you back, or respond to your email.

Unfortunately, this is common among many “low quote roofers.” This can leave you feeling unimportant and forgotten. In the worst cases, it can feel as though they’ve taken your money and run.

Meanwhile, your roof sits in disrepair, and the damage may even grow WORSE. To say the least, this is a frustrating experience that you should NEVER have to go through.

At Roof Worx, we communicate at every turn. You rarely have to call us because we arrive on time and always keep you in the loop.

But if you want to call us, we will gladly pick up the phone and answer every single one of your questions.

If you want a roofing company in the Colorado Front Range that uses top-notch materials and expert installers for a price you can afford, contact Roof Worx today for a free and accurate estimate.

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