Here’s When To Get Your Roof Inspected By A Pro

March 12, 2021

When Is A Roof Inspection Needed On A Home In
Colorado’s Front Range?

With Keynote Speaker Michael Abrashoff, (Author Of It’s The Ship)

A well-maintained roof is one of the most important aspects of retaining the value of a home or structure. For many homeowners, tending to the roof (or even conducting periodic inspections) is often an afterthought, with potential damage points neglected until the eventual leak or obvious draft makes an appearance. The roofing professionals here at Roof Worx are happy to share some tips on the best ways to conduct comprehensive inspections on your home’s roof in Colorado’s Front Range.

How And When To Conduct Your Own Roof Inspections

The extreme climates in the summer and winter months are the most difficult for your roof and its supportive structures to withstand. Shifts in temperature may create condensation and moisture collections in vulnerable points of the roof, which threaten the integrity of the roof’s insulation, shingles or supportive beams found in the attic.

One approach to inspection is simply a DIY style checklist, where homeowners evaluate certain features within the attic, rooftop, and siding. The Roof Worx team suggests keeping an eye out for signs of moisture collection, both past, and present, in the form of mildew, moss spots, bowed or warped beams or shingles, or sagging/concave areas. Additional warning signs of structural damage brought on by extreme temperatures include cracked or warped shingles and siding. It’s best to conduct inspections at the beginning of the milder spring and fall seasons to catch climate roofing damage early.

Professional Roof Inspections

While it’s always a good idea to stay on top of the condition of your home’s roof and be aware of changes in the shape or condition of the supporting structures, it’s easy for damages and less obvious problems to go unnoticed. The professional roofers at Roof Worx recommend springing for a professional inspection of your roof at least once every year to avoid preventable damage and save money in the long run.

Professional roof inspections are highly thorough and based on checklists which encompass structural, material, and interior elements. Smaller components like rubber seals and piping connectors will be evaluated for strength and replaced if necessary.

Not only will professional roofers possess the necessary experience to identify problems before they begin, but they also come equipped with all of the necessary tools to get the job done properly. An additional benefit of enlisting trusted, professional roofers to inspect your roof is their obligation to provide quality service alongside an itemized list of performed repairs or potential issues that need further work.

Keep the roof of your home in prime condition and avoid spending thousands of dollars for extensive repairs. By actively inspecting the integrity and health of your roof and supportive structures, you’re staying ahead of the curve in case a problem were to arise. Supplementing your own inspections with professional assistance only increases the likelihood that you’ll avoid major repairs and shell out too much cash in the long term. For more information on roofing structure and repairs, visit our Residential Roof Repair page or check out our blog.

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