Our ‘Secret Weapons’ For Winning Commercial Contracts

April 15, 2023

How We Win So Many Commercial Contracts
In The Denver Front Range Area

Here Are Three Of Our Secret Weapons

Commercial contracts are highly sought after in the roofing industry simply due to the opportunity for a more significant payday than replacing a residential roof. Commercial buildings also require special roofing techniques that only an experienced team of roofers can pull off.

So when business owners in Colorado need to have their commercial roof repaired, replaced, or maintained, choosing a company guaranteed to provide exceptional results is imperative. Since everyone is fighting after the same contacts, we happily lean on the qualities of our company that our customers have come to love.

Commercial contractors choose Roof Worx for our honesty, dedication to providing valuable information, and, of course, our stunning workmanship. Here’s a bit more about our secret weapons for securing commercial contacts in the Denver Front Range area.

#1: Information, Information, Information

Before taking on any roofing or remodeling job, we first pick the client’s brain to figure out how specific or vague their requests are. “I need a new roof” is much different than “I need a new GAF asphalt shingle roof with a special waterproof underlayment,” and figuring out which type of person our client is allows us to gauge how much additional information needs explaining.

A roofing system is composed of much more than the outer layer that most people focus on, so we take the time to explain the small intricacies that other roofers ignore or fail to tell the client. And when it comes to a roofing system, many business owners choose the option that best suits their budget. One thing can be certain with roofing systems — cheaper is never better.

Many HOAs and other commercial entities receive conflicting information from a wide variety of sources that are trying to secure a sale. We educate everyone about the benefits of a higher-quality roofing system, even if it costs a little more upfront.

We break everything down in simple-to-understand terminology to ensure we are comparing apples to apples.

#2: Impeccable

When we first bid on a commercial contract, we boast about our raving reviews and are more than happy to reference past customer stories highlighting who we are as a company. Whenever you are spending money to hire a remodeling crew, you want to be sure your money is going toward a reliable team with your best interests at heart.

We have an impeccable reputation in our community, and business owners love to learn about our accomplishments and broad scope of services. Our reputation alone has earned us countless commercial contracts and is one of the most significant components that sets us apart from the competition in the Denver area.

While it may seem like a no-brainer, many businesses want to support family-owned establishments that positively impact their city or town. That’s where Roof Worx quickly becomes the number one option on the list.

#3: Professional Project Management

Now that we have provided references and an outline of how we will approach the project needs, many business owners’ next big question is if we can complete the scope of work on time and on budget. More often than not, this is where we blow the competition out of the water.

Each remodeling project we take on is assigned a professional project manager and a team of supervisors that ensure our installation crews meet their deadlines and stay within the agreed-upon budget. The dynamic between our project managers, supervisors, and installation crews makes for a seamless roofing job every time.

Nothing is worse than having your business building’s roof replacement take an entire month when it should only take a week, especially if it costs more than you originally planned. When we agree to a budget and project timeline, we do everything we can to deliver within those standards.

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Commercial contracts take up a big part of our time, but that’s not all we do! We have provided the Denver Front Range area with industry-leading residential, commercial, and multifamily roofing services for the last 20 years. We are ready to take on any remodeling project, big or small.

Each of the ‘secret weapons’ outlined in this article are just a few examples that make Roof Worx stand out in a sea of under qualified roofers when bidding on commercial contracts. For the whole Roof Worx remodeling experience, call us at (303) 395-1825 to see how we can transform your home or business today.

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