Not Even A Speck Of Dust Gets Left Behind At Roof Worx

February 15, 2024

At Roof Worx, We’re Neat Freaks

It’s Just One Of The Ways We
Show You Respect

Let’s address a MAJOR problem among many roofers in the Colorado Front Range – the CLEANUP.

We understand the notorious reputation roofers have when it comes to cleaning up after themselves. And, quite frankly, it’s well-earned.

Far too often, roofers leave nails, scraps from your old shingles, and trash lying around your home. You may even find bald spots in your grass from where they parked on your lawn.

We unequivocally, without a shadow of a doubt, GUARANTEE you that you won’t have this experience at Roof Worx. We clean up after ourselves – meticulously.

Flawless Is A Good Start

We want your new roof and your property to look flawless when we leave. Besides a beautiful, newly installed roof, our goal is for you to not even be able to tell we were ever there.

But these are just words, right? What ACTIONS do we take to ensure a pristine cleanup effort?

Well, there are several:

  • We Clean Constantly – A bad roof replacement crew doesn’t clean up much at all. A good crew will clean up after the project. A great crew? They clean during and after your roof replacement project.
  • We Respect Your EVERYTHING– We park where we’re supposed to park. We properly discard waste material. And we’re certain not to ding any of your property while we work. In other words, we treat your home as our own all the time, every time.
  • We Never Shirk When We Make Mistakes – We’re not perfect on every occasion – we’re human. To 100% ensure a pristine cleanup, we will come back and clean anything we missed the first time around.

Our pristine cleanup effort is fully built into our smooth roofing process. We’re not scrambling to figure out what to do on every project. Our roofers are well-trained in how to clean up the RIGHT WAY. And they execute what they learn with pinpoint precision.

Teamwork Makes The Cleanliness Dream Work

Have you ever cleaned your ENTIRE house by yourself in one go? It’s tough and time-consuming. But when a family member helps you, it’s MUCH quicker and easier.

Well, the same goes for roof replacement projects. We’re able to keep the roof and the area around your home clean through TEAMWORK. In fact, it’s one of our solid core values.

Everyone does their part and helps others clean when needed. More than that, we hold each other to a high standard – the Roof Worx standard.

The Job Is Done Only When YOU Say It Is

After we install your roof, we perform a full inspection or the work area. And after that, we –



And check some more.

We call it a wrap when we’re 100% sure that your home’s roof and exterior are pristine.

Then, you can check for yourself.

Ultimately, the job isn’t finished until YOU say it is. And as perfect as we strive to be, we understand that a stray nail might get left behind once in a blue moon. If that ever happens, all you need to do is let us know, and we’ll come back to sweep it up.

If you need help with your roof and want a crew that cleans meticulously THROUGHOUT your project, then call Roof Worx today for a free and accurate quote.

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