Let’s PLay ‘Mad Libs’ With 153 Of Our Customer Reviews

January 22, 2024

We’ve Got Hundreds Of 5-Star GAF Reviews. Thing Is, They Don’t Say Much. Why?

Let’s Fill In The Blanks

If you visit our company profile on GAF’s website, you’ll see we have hundreds of 5-star reviews there from homeowners with verified purchases. The only problem is they don’t say much. If you’re doing your research on us (which we genuinely applaud), and you land there, you’ll notice all their massive website gives you is a mixture of these three things:
  1. 5-star reviews of maybe one to three words.
  2. 5-star reviews with no words at all.
  3. 5-star reviews with a note that says, “Customer asked us [GAF] not to share his/her review.
Now, what can you possibly gather from that? Not much, unfortunately. So, in the spirit of ‘Mad Libs’ let’s dig deeper in our GAF reviews. First, here in the Colorado Front Range region or the general Boulder County service area, we specialize in a variety of premium roofing materials to ensure homeowners get best-fit systems for their specific locations, budgets, and tastes. One of the most popular brands we offer is of course GAF — arguably the most well-known roofing material manufacturer in America. Three GAF lines we work with a lot in our area include:
  • GAF Timberline HDZ Lifetime Shingles: Timberline is the most popular GAF shingle. It also comes with GAF’s Golden Pledge 25-year workmanship warranty.
  • GAF Lifetime Designer Shingles: GAF’s Lifetime Designer Shingles are for homeowners who want a little extra versatility, as they can be customized to fit ANY style.
  • GAF Armour Shield II or AS II – Impact Resistant Class 4 Shingles: These are heavy-duty, high-impact shingles. If you want maximum protection from hail, this may be the shingle for you.
Now, as for our growing collection of 5-star reviews, we’ve got TONS beyond GAF that give you much more to work with. Hundreds on Google, for example, as well as hundreds more on other industry platforms you may be familiar with. What do people tend to focus on in terms of our residential roofing services – repairs, new installs, and maintenance – are concerned?
  • Our Smooth Process: The Roof Worx team represents vast industry experience in both residential and commercial construction and roofing. This expertise and decades of successful projects helped us shape a pleasant, efficient process people appreciate.
  • Our By-The-Book Workmanship: We’re widely known for the professional-grade workmanship we bring to each project. If it’s got the Roof Worx name on it, you can rest assured it’ll be done by the book and in line with our level of industry experience.
  • Our Gray-Hair Professionalism: We’re not a young company, and we’re not run by young men and women. If you head to our Meet The Team page, you can dig deeper into our management and see what we’re widely known for.
Bottom Line: We’re a Boulder County roofing company with a long history, a great reputation, and a rock-solid outfit that runs like a well-oiled machine. And we put a HUGE amount of resources and emphasis into ensuring you enjoy your experience with us. No high-pressure sales nonsense. Clean, regular, open communication. A safe, orderly worksite that we keep CLEAN (and clean up with great care). A people-first stance and business ethos that revolves around our Core Values. The amount of time and work we’ve put into this industry means this kind of approach comes naturally. Doing the nonsense things lower-caliber contractors pull doesn’t even cross our minds. It’s unthinkable! You’ll see that the first time we connect.

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