How To Schedule Insurance Work After a Storm

February 23, 2024

How To File A Claim For Insurance Work
On Your Home in Broomfield, CO

A Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Insurance
Work For Your Storm-Damaged Roof

Severe storms can cause massive damage to your roof. After the storm, your first priority should be finding a company that handles insurance work in Broomfield, CO. Visible damage like missing or ripped shingles, misplaced gutters, and craters in metal roofs are usually the first signs that you have roof damage, but hidden damage may also be present.

If your home has suffered any roof damage, Roof Worx can help you.

Call A Roofing Company That Works
With Insurance Companies

As soon as the storm has passed and you have verified that there is some damage to your home, pick up the phone and call us. Our certified inspectors will hurry out to assess the actual damage to your home. While some problems are visible to the naked eye, our trained professionals know what to look for when assessing hidden roof storm damage.

Wind damage can cause shingles to lift. Hail can cause bruising on shingles – soft spots that can deteriorate in the future. Only an experienced roof inspector will know to look for these things.

We will take plenty of photographs, write a report, and mark the damaged areas with chalk. All of this evidence will help prove your claim with the insurance company.

Verify Your Roofing Insurance Work Coverage

While your homeowner’s policy will include some roof coverage, you must double-check to see if your coverage is for Actual Cash Value (ACV) or Replacement Cash Value (RCV).

Actual cash value only pays out the depreciated value of the roof currently on your home. This value could be thousands less than the current market value of roof replacement, depending on your home’s age and the roof’s condition. This leaves you paying the difference out of pocket.

Replacement Cash Value covers the replacement of your roof to a like-new existing condition. This means you will get a new shingle roof if you have a shingle roof, but you can’t upgrade to metal roofing.

Contact The Insurance Company About
Your Roofing Insurance Work

After the Roof Worx inspector has verified the damage to your roof, contact the insurance company. If the storm was widespread, expect this to be a lengthy process. Local agents will be busy with claims calls. You might be better off calling the 1–800 number for your policy carrier.

Be prepared to report the date and approximate time of the storm. Tell the agent about any visible damages you can see. This is the time to let them know you have had a roofing inspector come out and identify damaged areas.

Be aware that your insurance company may tell you it is necessary to get repair quotes from a few companies. They do this because they want to save money. Our staff will help you navigate this red tape.

The insurance company will send a claims adjuster to inspect the roof damage. Our Roof Worx inspector will meet the adjuster there to discuss the hidden damages or potential for future problems due to storm damage.

Our Staff At Roof Worx Knows How To Handle
Storm Damage Insurance Claims

Since 1999, we have been helping homeowners in Broomfield, CO recover from storms. Most of the storm damage we see is from high winds and hail. Hidden damage to shingles caused by straight-line winds is often invisible to most onlookers.

Lifted shingles are one area insurance companies tend to overlook. Don’t worry! Our professionally trained staff knows how to deal with insurance companies. We use the latest software to assess any legitimate storm damage, create a realistic price quote, and help you file your claim.

Avoid Storm Chasers And Low
Bidders In Broomfield County

Whenever there is a massive storm, people from other areas flock into town and offer homeowners fast and cheap repairs. In the industry, we call these people storm chasers.

While they might offer the cheapest cost for roofing, it won’t be the best.

Inexperienced crews, shoddy materials, and installation shortcuts are just some of the problems these fly-by-night companies bring. Worse, if you do have trouble down the road, that company is suddenly out of business or no longer operating in your area.

Remember that old adage – you get what you pay for. That is especially true after a storm blows through. Storm chasers may not be licensed and bonded for the area. They might not perform work that is up to code. They count on the panic after a storm to bring them business.

Why You Should Choose Roof Worx For All
Your Roofing Needs In Broomfield,CO

Our company has served the Colorado Front Range area for over 20 years. We offer what we call Gray-Hair Professionalism. Our company founders are still active team members and have spent many years sharing their experience with our up-and-coming techs.

Not only do we offer years of experience, but we carry only the highest quality materials, including GAF shingles in a variety of styles, colors, and textures. We also have the best materials to replace or repair your metal roof, slate roof, or tile roof. We really are a full-service company.

We know dealing with storm damage is unpleasant, but we can help make it a little less painful. Call Roof Worx at (303) 353-1825 to schedule your in-person consultation today.

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