How To Schedule Insurance Work After a Storm

February 26, 2024

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There you are, relaxing with family and watching a movie. The next thing you know, the tornado sirens in Broomfield go off, and the wind starts howling. The neighbor’s oak tree creaks and moans before crashing into the roof of your house. Frightening, isn’t it?

Luckily, Roof Worx specializes in insurance work in Broomfield, CO. Our team members specialize in insurance claims caused by storm damage and can help you take the steps needed to pay for your roof repairs or a roof replacement.

Why You Need A Roofer That Deals With
Homeowner’s Insurance Companies

After a storm, the last thing you want to do is spend days or weeks worrying about who will pay for a roof replacement or repairs. After all, you pay premiums for insurance coverage, so it should be a matter of calling an agent and reporting the damage. But it’s not that easy.

There is a lengthy process for filing an insurance claim, especially if nature caused the damage. After contacting your agent with the storm date and damage details, you might wait a week or longer for a damage assessment. When they finally get around to sending an adjuster, he will be an employee or representative of the insurance company.

As an insurance company employee, he will have one thing in mind- saving the company as much money as possible. Therefore, the adjuster might not look at things as closely as a professionally trained roofing inspector would.

You take control of the situation by calling Roof Worx before you call the insurance company.

What Will A Roof Worx Inspector Do?

Our certified roofing inspectors know what to look for after a storm. Often, the damage to your home is not just what you can see. Steady, straight-line winds can shift shingles slightly out of place, opening up the potential for water seepage in the future.

Hail chunks cause contact damage with asphalt shingles, kind of like what happens if you drop an apple. On the outside, it might look okay, but when you remove the peel, you see a bad spot.

These hidden damages are things an insurance adjuster might overlook. Remember, he is there to save the insurance company money.

We Help You Understand Your Insurance Coverage

Your homeowners’ policy probably covers roof damage, but there are several stipulations that exist within that policy. Here are some things the insurance company will consider before filing any type of roofing-related claim:

  • Pre-storm condition of the existing roof
  • Roof application techniques
  • Age of the existing roof
  • Extent of the damage

Basically, these are reasons the insurance company can give to refuse your claim. Your Roof Worx roofing inspector will work as an advocate for you. Their job is to offer a legitimate assessment of the damage to the roof. If they see that the existing roof was bad before the storm, they will tell you.

Another thing Roof Worx team members specialize in is understanding the amount of coverage your policy allows. A policy with an Actual Cash Value clause will not pay as much as a policy with a Replacement Cash Value clause. This is something our staff can help you understand.

We Provide The Proof And Handle The Negotiations

When your Roof Worx inspector visits your home, they will spend some time talking to you about the damage and your insurance policy. If possible, they will go onto the roof with the insurance adjuster and point out any hidden damage.

They will take photos from different angles and create detailed notes with sketches showing the damaged areas. After completing their inspection, they will use the latest software to create a fair estimate for materials and labor.

Not only will they share this information with you, but they will create a detailed estimate for the insurance company. This saves you the hassle of getting estimates from several companies and forwarding them to the insurance agent.

If there is any discrepancy between the roofing company’s work list and the insurance company’s estimate, our staff will step up and on your behalf.

Our Staff At Roof Worx Knows How To Handle
Storm Damage Insurance Claims

We have helped homeowners in the Broomfield County Area recover from storms since 1999. We have experience with many different insurance companies and the way they work. We know how to take control of the conversation when dealing with adjusters and agents.

We use the latest software to assess any legitimate storm damage, create a realistic price quote, and help you file your claim.

Why You Should Choose Us Roof Worx For Your
Insurance Work In The Broomfield County Area

Teamwork is one of our company’s core values. Not just teamwork among our staff, but extending to homeowners as well. We have your best interests in mind at all times.

We also work closely with insurance companies and are known for our trustworthiness and reliability. There is less debate about the job when Roof Worx is the company presenting the estimate. Insurance companies know that we know our stuff.

Let us help you navigate your roofing insurance claim. We can guide you through the initial inspection, a fair estimate, and the piles of paperwork. Let us take care of your house after a storm, so you won’t have to worry. Call (303)353-1825 to schedule your free quote today.

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