How This One Roofing Job Turned Into Eight

February 16, 2023
Case Study

How One Roofing Replacement In Denver
Turned Into Eight

In The World Of Home Remodeling,
References Are Everything

When most Coloradans need work done on their home or business, the first step is typically asking people close to them if they have any recommendations on who to hire. We trust our family, friends, and neighbors for valuable advice since we can see the results firsthand and hear from an unbiased source about their experience.

Online reviews are a great tool, but it’s not like you can pick up the phone and call the person leaving the review for additional information. So when a loved one or close friend tells you, “Hey, this is the best roofing company I have ever worked with,” you tend to remember the name and ask for more details.

We know how strong our word-of-mouth reputation is in our local communities, so we always show up 100% to provide exceptional roofing and remodeling services. And, hopefully, our customers recommend us to their friends, family, and neighbors.

And That’s Exactly What Happened In This Neighborhood

Here’s a bit more information.

As you know, the Front Range area of Colorado is notorious for hail storms throughout the year. Hail storms range in severity, but many wreak havoc on the structural integrity of homes and businesses across the state.

So when a sizable hail storm passed through, we weren’t surprised when calls started coming in the following day requesting our services. That’s when one of our future customers, we will call him Jake, gave us a call to inspect the level of storm damage to his home.

After a thorough investigation, it became clear that Jake needed to replace his existing roof for more reasons than the hail damage.

Jake’s Home Desperately Needed A New Roof

As it turns out, Jake and his family built his current home together and were using out-of-date methods that seriously reduced the lifespan of his asphalt shingle roof. After explaining the scope of our work to Jake and securing a solution that worked for both parties, we got straight to work.

We removed the double layer of shingles initially installed on Jake’s home and replaced it with our upgraded Class-4 hail-resistant shingles backed by GAF’s 25-year workmanship warranty to further protect his investment.

Jake had a few bare wooden beams overhanging his roof that were constantly becoming saturated with water and undoubtedly letting moisture in beneath the shingles. We upgraded the wooden beams with metal end caps that repelled water and would prolong the lifespan of his new roof.

While the overall hail damage wasn’t anything to write about, it showcased more significant issues in Jake’s roofing system that needed addressing before they compromised his entire house.

Jake Was So Happy With Our Service,
He Told All His Neighbors About Us

After completing Jake’s roof replacement, we were able to sit down with him and learn a bit more about how he learned about Roof Worx in the first place. He unapologetically let us know he had doubts about our capabilities and reputation and did some sleuthing on his own before ever picking up the phone.

And better yet, someone close to him recommended choosing Roof Worx over the competition. We work with countless insurance agencies in the area, and many of our referrals come from agencies looking for trustworthy roofers.

While we can’t pinpoint who tipped Jake off to our exceptional services, we know for certain he raved about his new roof to his neighbors. Soon, the calls started flooding in from Jake’s neighbors inquiring about roof repair and replacement details, and they were more than happy to let us know Jake was the one who recommended us.

We Had More Work Than We Could Ask For!

One house turned into two, two houses turned into three, and soon enough, we had replaced or repaired 80% of the neighborhood’s roofs, and the results couldn’t have been better. Since all the houses in the community were built from custom designs, they required skilled roofers with knowledge and experience dealing with all types of roofs.

We quickly became the go-to roofers this neighborhood could rely on, which is better than any publicity or online review we could ask for. Word-of-mouth recommendations from the people you trust most will always reign supreme.

Whether You Were Referred By A Friend Or Found
Us On Your Own, We Are Happy To Help!

It’s safe to say that most of our work comes from referrals from past customers — we are proud of it. Life can be busy, so we wholeheartedly appreciate it when someone takes the time out of their day to spread the word about Roof Worx’s capabilities.

We have provided affordable roofing and exterior remodeling services in the Denver area for over 20 years to ensure all qualifying homeowners have a solution that works for their budget.

If your home or business is in dire need of roof replacement, repair, or maintenance,Contact Roof Worx a call today at (303) 353-1825.

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